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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Visa and residence permit


Depending on your citizenship and duration of exchange at Oamk, you need to handle immigration matters and apply for specific permits, if required. Hereafter please find a table and below further information on visa and residence permits.

Third Country
Less than 3 months Visa (if applicable) Before arrival Visa application
(via local embassy)
Third Country
More than 3 months Residence permit Before arrival Residence permit application
(via Finnish Immigration Service, e-service)
Third Country
(Non-EU/EEA/Switzerland, but you have a valid residence permit issued by another EU country)
More than 3 months Mobility notification Before arrival Mobility notification
(via Finnish Immigration Service)

EU/EEA Country, incl. Switzerland More than 3 months (*) Right to reside After arrival Uninterrupted stay: (**)
Right to reside application
(via Finnish Immigration Service)
Interrupted stay: (**)
Registration at Local Register Office
Nordic Country More than 3 months (*) No permit required, but registration, if applicable After arrival Registration at Local Register Office (Inter-Nordic Agreement)
(*) Students from EU/EEA and Nordic countries staying less than 3 months do not need a permit before arrival nor register after arrival.
(**) A stay is regarded as interrupted if you leave Finland for some time within 3 months (90 days) after arrival.


If you (third country citizen) have been admitted for an exchange lasting less than three months (90 days), then find out whether you need a visa or notA visa is a short-term permit to enter and stay in the territory of Finland and Schengen area for a maximum of three months (90 days). Students from most European and North American countries do not need a visa. 

If you need a visa, you should apply for it via the local Finnish diplomatic mission in your home country before entering Finland. For more information, please check the visa website of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UM) and country lists.

Residence permit

If you (third country citizen) have been admitted for an exchange lasting more than three months (90 days), then you are normally required to obtain a residence permit before entering Finland.

Applying for your first residence permit

You should submit your first residence permit application electronically via the EnterFinland service at of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) immediately after you have received Oamk's admission email and acceptance letter, see and also

Required documents:

  • Passport (valid for the exchange) and passport photo
  • Acceptance letter and admission email from Oamk
  • Sufficient funds, i.e. either your own funds as a bank deposit or a scholarship in your own name. The funds required amount to 6,720 EUR per year, which equals to a minimum of 560 EUR per month. You must document that you have the above-mentioned sum available for transfer to your account for study purposes. Provide a scholarship or grant certificate, if you are taking part in an exchange programme between a Finnish and a foreign university of applied sciences/university and are receiving funds for your exchange. Further information, see How do I prove my income (means of support)?
  • Health insurance for the duration of your exchange, i.e. a comprehensive insurance including the types of treatment and costs that are covered by the Finnish municipal health care services and the health insurance system of Finland. For studies of less than two years in duration, you must have a private insurance which primarily covers the costs of medical treatment up to 120,000 euros (cost level in 2018).

N.B.! When applying for a residence permit, please also indicate that you wish to obtain a Finnish personal identity code at the same time.

Extending your residence permit

If you have been granted an extension of your exchange studies at Oamk and would like to extend your residence permit, you should submit the application for extension online through the EnterFinland service at before the expiration of your residence permit. You can also pay the handling fee in the service with a credit card.

Required documents:

  • Passport (valid for the exchange) and passport photo
  • Enrolment certificate from Oamk
  • Report of progress of your studies or account of reasons for the extension
  • Sufficient funds
  • Health insurance for the duration of extension

After submitting the application online you should book an appointment and visit the local Migri Service Point in Oulu in person to prove your identity and present the original versions of the attachments. In the Service Point you may also submit a paper application and pay the handling fee in cash or credit card.

Migri Service Point

Address: Mäkelininkatu 33, 90100 Oulu
Open by appointment: Monday–Wednesday and Friday 8–16.15. Closed on Thursdays.

Mobility notification

If you (third country citizen) are currently residing in an EU/EEA country and are maintaining a valid residence permit for the time of your exchange and your stay at Oamk is arranged in the frame of a mobility agreement and programme between partner universities, it is sufficient to inform the Finnish Immigration Service by means of a mobility notification. More detailed instructions, processing fee and requirements at