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Welcome to do business with us!

The exchange study programme in Business focuses on developing various skills required in the field of innovative international business providing students the ability to work in international environment. In addition to numerous exchange students from our partner universities worldwide, you will be working with our Degree Students of both Finnish and international origins.

During your studies in the Autumn, you will be able to develop your creative competencies and apply them in business - be it developing current practices or innovating new solutions. Moreover, you will learn about professional selling skills and service marketing. The knowledge of how to create, develop and maintain profitable customer relationships, as well as the ability to understand financial statements, budgeting and the principles of profitability accounting will enhance your value in the labour market. As a special skill, you will be able to learn the basics of the local language.

During your studies in the Spring, you will be able to develop your international marketing competences with the second or third year degree students.  You will be able to increase your competences in job search, career planning and learn to market those recognized competences accordingly. Additionally, you will learn to manage in various situations requiring negotiation skills and be able to design visual communication to support your interaction with another party. Finally, you will understand the phenomena related to e-business, digital marketing and the principles of related legal issues in the digital era. Download a leaflet.

The studies will be located in Teuvo Pakkalan Katu Campus near the city center. All Modules (subject to changes) listed below are instructed in English. 

Our courses for the Autumn 2019 are:

Our courses for the Spring 2020 are:


You may obtain detailed course descriptions from the search tool. Change language to English, and enter the search query (code or name of the course). In case of questions, feel free to contact the International Coordinator Marianne Isola.