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Bachelor's Degrees in English – Oamk

Bachelor's Degrees in English

There are two Bachelor’s degree programmes leading to a higher professional degree (BSc Hons) at Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) that are taught entirely in English. Applicants interested in applying for the degree programmes must have eligibility for higher education studies and a good command of English language. The degree programmes are meant for both Finnish and international students.

Next application period is 8–22 January, 2020. The application specific admission criteria will be updated before the application period begins.

Read our guide: Studies in English 2019.

BEng, Information Technology

As an ICT engineer you are able to design and realize various software solutions and applications. You are also capable of working as an active member of your working society and developing your own profession.
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BBA, International Business

The degree programme in International Business has been designed to meet the requirements of internationally oriented small and medium-sized enterprises and is carried out entirely in English.
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Student life at Oulu UAS

Have a look at what our students tell about studying and life at Oulu UAS.

In love with Finnish culture and nature

Russian Liubov Dosovitckaia, 18, has fallen in love with Finnish culture and nature. She has travelled a lot in Finland during her school years and Finnish culture has always interested her. Now Liubov studies International Business at Oulu UAS and dreams of working in Finland after she graduates.

Passion for technology changed the career path

Erika Loman, 25, thought first that she would be a translator. She moved from Russia to Japan where she spent around three years studying Japanese. However, her passion for technology won and she decided to change her career path. Now she is studying IT at the Oulu UAS.

Good opportunities for business life

Hungarian Tamas Zsakovics, 24, studies International Business at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. He thinks that Oulu UAS offers good opportunities for business students. So it is no wonder that you can often find Tamas in the Business Kitchen which is the entrepreneurship hub of the university.

Good education drew to Finland

Maite Alaez-Guergue´s father encouraged her to study in Finland because of Finland´s good reputation in the field of education. Spanish Maite, 18, ended up studying Information Technology at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) because she dreams to be a cartoonist some day.

Collecting life experiences abroad

Sofia Starikova, 20, visited in Oulu many times during her childhood. Now she studies Information Technology at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) because she likes the city and the atmosphere in Oulu.

Practical skills are a great advantage in the working life

Viktors Sobolevs, 22, has just begun his third year in the degree programme in International Business at the Oulu UAS. There were two main reasons why he chose to study in Oulu instead of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Technology city caught attention

If Claudia Caro Valadez wants to visit her family, she has to travel at least for two days. Claudia, 24, is from Mexico, town called Mérida. She has studied information technology at Oulu UAS for two years now. How did she find a small northern town called Oulu?

Teachers make students think

Adrian Canales, 29, is about to start his second year in Degree Programme in International Business at the Oulu UAS. His life in Oulu started two years ago because of love.