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Natural Wax of Arctic Berries as Our Treasure

The aim of the multidisciplinary WAX Interreg research project is to develop environmentally sustainable methods for extracting wild berry wax from industrial side streams and waste. New application areas and uses for wild berry waxes will be explored by perusing the entire value chain from berry picking to products thus aiming to create new high-end and high value wild berry wax-based products. The market potential for such products is estimated to be considerable in Asia, Central Europe and Nordic countries.

The WAX Interreg project is co-ordinated by University of Oulu, Centre of Microscopy and Nanotechnology and partnered by Luleå University of Technology, NIBIO – Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. This research project is funded by Interreg Nord, Regional Council of Lapland, Norrbotten County Administrative Board and Troms County.

Work Packages:

WP1: Dissemination                                                                                                                              

The goal is to improve companies' and consumers' awareness of arctic berry wax.

WP2: Management

The main applicant and coordinator of the Interreg WAX project is Center of Microscopy and Nanotechnology (CMNT) from University of Oulu. CMNT is in charge of project coordination, finance, communication and reporting.

WP3: Berries and Berry Residues as Raw Material Monitored and Analysed

Department of Ecology and Genetics, Research group of Plant Biology and Biotechnology (PBB) from University of Oulu and Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) conduct collaborative research in this work package. The aim is to analyse the chemical and material properties of the produced arctic berry waxes and to understand the factors affecting wax production and composition. 

WP4: Effective and Environmentally Friendly Wax Extraction Process Developed

With CMNT being in charge of this work package, the aim is, first, to study extraction methods and their potential value for commercial applications; second, to select the most suitable method(s) for wax extraction process; third, to develop the extraction method for natural berry wax. 

WP5: Potential Applications of Use of Wax Demonstrated 

Managed by Luleå University of Technology, the aim of this work package is to review wax applications and identify products by local companies possibly benefiting from use of natural wax. Other goals include defining specifications of products for demonstrators and listing required thermo-mechanical properties of natural wax; investigating the physical properties and performance of the new natural waxes and comparing with currently available materials together with providing recommendations for berry industry on added value products by identifying demonstrators and potential products.

WP6: Identifying the Business Potential of Arctic Berry Wax

The goal of this work package managed by Oulu University of Applied Sciences is to identify the business opportunities of arctic berry wax in Nordic countries, Central Europe and Asia. The starting point is to study the current wax business and proceed to innovating new berry wax based product ideas. By using Design Thinking, new business models and value propositions for different actors in the value chain of the berry wax business will be created.


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