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Studies and applying

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Selection of Students with Open University of Applied Sciences Studies as a Degree Student


Online application to degree programmes on the basis of Open University studies is available during the application period at 
The application period for studies beginning in Autumn is 1st May to 15th May (or the next working day). The additional application period for studies beg… Read more

Oamk LABs Studies, Application period: 1.4.-5.8.2016


Oamk LABs – A unique training and development program, where learning is based on studying and working in interdisciplinary projects, targeting the development of products, services and start-ups.
Oamk LABs studies are open for Open University of Applied Sciences students.
Application period… Read more

The Student Services of Oulu UAS during summer


Our Student services are open on the Kotkantie campus between 27 June and 31 July. Between 6 June and 10 August you can access the office through the F wing, door C4. Unhindered passage is through the main entrance.
Student services are open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 2 pm at
Kotkantie… Read more




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