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Energy-efficient drying of plant based materials -miniseminar


MoreNPBiz project organises a miniseminar on new energy-efficient dryer technology of plant based materials at Ouas Kotkantie campus 26.04.2019 at 10 - 12:15 in room 3332. Online streaming available.
Dr. Thomas Ziegler from Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim gives a pres… Read more

Global Road Trip: Aligning Learning and Assessment: Transforming the Traditional University Exam


Global Road Trip
Innovative pedagogical practices and inspiring examples from the world of teaching and learning in higher education. Online seminar series that take you to a journey around the world. Welcome aboard!
7.5. NorwayAligning Learning and Assessment: Transforming the Traditional Univer… Read more