The application period has ended. 

We received 236 applications for attending the ITSEW 2018. We are very thrilled about such a high number but at the same time it means that we cannot accept late applications and unfortunately we may not be able to offer everyone an opportunity to take part in the ITSEW 2018. In general the priority in the selection is given to the partner university applicants. All applicants will be informed of their selection results by 15 February 2018 at the latest. Thank you for your patience! 


Selection results

The selection of participants will be done within a few weeks, by 15 February 2018 at the latest. See our timeline. You may print the overview of the programme here.


Erasmus+ Details

If your visit to Oulu UAS is planned as an Erasmus+ Mobility, you could attach your Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement to your online application (please use the template of your home university). For this you may need the following pieces of information and codes:

You can also deliver the mobility agreement later to email