Student life at Oulu UAS

Have a look at what our students tell about studying and life at Oulu UAS.


Passion for technology changed the career path

Erika Loman, 25, thought first that she would be a translator. She moved from Russia to Japan where she spent around three years…
26.6.2017 :: Marjo Sormunen

A complete change of life

Robert Barker, a 24 year old from America did something wild. He moved to Finland with his family because he wanted to change…
19.1.2017 ::

Being a foreigner in Oulu

The Hungarian Tamás Zsákovics, 24, studies International Business at Oulu UAS. You can follow Tamás’s adventures in Oulu on…
3.1.2017 ::

Survival Guide from a Spanish in Oulu

The Spanish Maite Alaez Guergue, 18, publishes her Survival Guide to Oulu on our Facebook page. She is a first-year student…
3.1.2017 ::

Information Technology tempted to come from Vietnam to Finland

There are a lot of Vietnamese students at Oulu UAS. Tram Le and Quynh Dao tell why they wanted to study in Oulu, Finland.
21.12.2016 ::

Why to study abroad?

Alumni of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences tell what benefits you get from studying abroad. South African Erasmus van…
16.12.2016 ::

Oulu UAS offers good opportunities for business life

Hungarian Tamas Zsakovics, 24, studies International Business at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. He thinks that Oulu…
7.12.2016 :: Marjo Sormunen

Good education drew to Finland

Maite Alaez-Guergue´s father encouraged her to study in Finland because of Finland´s good reputation in the field of education.…
22.11.2016 :: Marjo Sormunen

Practical skills are a great advantage in the working life

Viktors Sobolevs, 22, has just begun his third year in the degree programme in International Business at the Oulu UAS. There…
2.10.2016 :: Marjo Sormunen

Collecting life experiences abroad

Sofia Starikova, 20, visited in Oulu many times during her childhood. Now she studies Information Technology at the Oulu…
1.10.2016 :: Marjo Sormunen