Exchange application

Applications for exchange studies and practical training periods at Oulu UAS have to be submitted online through the MoveON application and mobility management system. However, music students apply online first via AEC Easy (, and then only for registration after admission also via MoveON. The link for accessing MoveON is normally available in the beginning of the application period. Applications for exchange study programmes must be submitted and completed during the application periods, see below. Practical training applications to Oulu UAS should be also submitted during the same time. Please check the information, requirements and follow the process outlined below.

It is possible to apply to Oulu UAS with the status of an exchange student nominee of a partner university of Oulu UAS based on established Erasmus+ or bilateral agreements. Exchange studies based on established agreements are exempt from tuition fees.

In case there is no established agreement, applicants may be considered as visiting (free mover) students. Please notice that free mover studies are chargeable according to the Open University of Applied Sciences tuition fees.

All prospective exchange and visiting students must contact their home university whether they will accept studies at Oulu UAS to be accredited towards their degree, and ask the home university to send official nominations e-mails to Oulu UAS before applying. In case of questions, kindly turn to International Services staff.

To ensure smooth communication and avoid possible misunderstandings, all prospective exchange and visiting students should submit their online exchange applications to Oulu UAS personally without using any intermediaries or agents (outside their home university). Applying for an exchange at Oulu UAS is free of charge.

Admission requirements before applying

Admission requirements for exchange students

The enrolment of exchange students is governed by bilateral agreements between institutions participating in the student exchange schemes, or within frameworks of mobility programmes. If you are studying at one of Oulu UAS's partner institutions and are interested in studying at Oulu UAS as an exchange student, please contact first the international/study abroad office of your own home university for details about your own study abroad possibilities.

Visiting/Free mover students

If you are studying at an officially accredited higher education institution that does not have a bilateral agreement with Oulu UAS, or we are not cooperating in the same exchange programme, but you would like to complete part of your degree at Oulu UAS, you may apply as a visiting/free mover student. Please notice that acceptance of such students depend on the resources of the department running the studies in question. Departments may also charge for such studies according to the Open University Studies fees.

Language skill requirements for exchange and visiting students

As a basic principle incoming students should have such a proficiency in English language that will allow them to succeed in their studies. Students should be able to follow lectures, read literature, write essays, take actively part in discussions and complete group or individual assignments in English.

Unless otherwise specified in the bilateral agreement between Oulu UAS and exchange student's home university, Oulu UAS trusts partner institution's assessment of their own students' language skills. Therefore official test reports are not required to be provided, but the following skill levels can be used as indicators of sufficient proficiency in English language:

Visiting/free mover students can ask e.g. their English language teacher to give an assessment about their English language proficiency to be equivalent to the skill levels described above. Please send this assessment together with your other application documents to the international coordinator of your prospective campus at Oulu UAS. 

Other requirements

Please notice that some programmes may have specific admission requirements. These are defined under each programme.

Students with special needs

In case you have needs that require special attention and/or services in order you to be able to take part in the mobility period, please contact us already in the application phase to get further information.

We will do our best to ensure adequate services to be available to support your participation in student exchange. However, many of such services are provided by organisations outside our institution and thus the availability of them have to be confirmed separately.

Degree students

The information given above applies only to the exchange and visiting students. If you are interested in applying to Oulu UAS for studies leading to a degree, you can find further information on the selection of degree students on our website under the section titled Studies and Applying.

Nominations before applying

Before submitting your application via MoveON, you should first contact the international/study abroad office of your own home university to get an approval for your study/practical training abroad period. After your home university approves your exchange at Oulu UAS and nominates you to us, you may proceed with your online application.

Nominations must be sent to with the following information:

  • Forename and surname
  • E-mail
  • Educational background at home university
  • Exchange study programme at Oulu UAS

Please check also thoroughly Oulu UAS' admission requirements (see above) for exchange studies and practical training, before applying to Oulu UAS.

Deadlines for applying

Application deadlines

Exchange applications must be submitted during the application periods mentioned below. Applications cannot be processed after the deadlines and will be automatically rejected or shifted to the next term/academic year, if possible.

Health and social care programmes:

Autumn and academic year: 1 April - 30 April for exchanges including practical training and until 15 May for other exchanges

Spring: 15 September - 30 September for exchanges including practical training and until 31 October for other exchanges

All other fields and programmes:

Autumn and academic year: 1 April - 15 May

Spring: 15 September - 31 October


N.B.! Music students apply online first via AEC Easy (, and then only for registration after admission also via MoveON.



Information & documents for applying

The MoveON online application and mobility management system will require you first to register and then apply via the link provided in the section "Apply via MoveON". You must submit the following information and documents (in English!) - feel free to prepare these in advance:

  • Personal & Home University Information
  • Photo (e.g. taken from a mobile phone or camera, similar to a passport photo.)
  • Identity document (scanned copy of passport or ID card)
  • Curriculum Vitae (document listing personal and contact information, educational qualifications, work experience, interests and hobbies etc.)
  • Motivation Letter (document stating your motivation for exchange studies/traineeship)
  • Transcript of Records (document listing your study attainments and results at your home university, if possible with grading scale according to ECTS, see > Studying at Oulu UAS > “Assessment regulations, ECTS credits and grading scale”.)
  • Course Choice & Learning Agreement (N.B.! Kindly note that it is possible to apply to and pursue studies normally only from one of the offered exchange study programmes and on one level due to timetable contraints. Check the study information thoroughly and - if in doubt - contact International Coordinators in relevant fields for more detailed information. Also, courses within exchange study programmes can only be taken once. Erasmus+ applicants must include a separate Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Studies/Traineeship (prefilled and signed by the student/trainee and a representative from the home university, if possible), which is available from your own university. Overseas applicants should obtain, prefill and upload this Learning Agreement on Oulu UAS template, if possible - it is also available for download in MoveON)
    Check also our video tutorials for either choosing a) regular courses, or b) full-fledged traineeship in your MoveON application.
  • Other required documents (depends on the field of study or exchange study programme at Oulu UAS)
    • Media LABsmediamusicdance and Oamk LAB (only Oulu Game LAB) and Demola applicants: portfolio or demonstration of knowledge and skills. Can be provided as a separate portfolio file attached to MoveON or as a link to a web portfolio or web source. A portfolio is a documentation of sample works showing the applicant's interests and giving proof of knowledge and skills in relevant areas. A portfolio or demonstration may include, e.g., documentation on the applicants’ previous or ongoing projects, music/dance performance recordings, audition material, samples of works of art & design, graphics, sound design, video production, digital publishing, programming (in Oulu Game LAB Unity knowledge/skills are required), producing, entrepreneurship, business, marketing, team work etc.). N.B.! Music students apply online first via AEC Easy (, and then only for registration after admission also via MoveON.
    • Project work/traineeship applicants: self-evaluation on relevant knowledge and skills that may be required for a project or training. Can be provided as a knowledge/skill profile in your CV or Cover Letter, e.g. in relevant areas such as Java: basic/good/fluent/excellent. Applicants to health and social care, please name the departments/fields/wards/clinics and/or other such information as well as the length or extent of the needed placements. In addition, health and social care applicants must meet vaccination and laboratory test requirements, see > Vaccination and laboratory test requirements. Please attach a certificate of the required vaccinations and laboratory tests to the MoveON application before submitting it!
  • Application for accommodation is being dealt with separately by the applicant. A link to the application form is available via MoveON or at the aforementioned link. It has to be filled in separately and submitted directly to PSOAS by the applicant at the latest after the MoveON application has been submitted (should be done even before the deadline!), taking into consideration official orientation days and duration of exchange. See also information on accommodation for exchange students. Tenancy periods for Oulu UAS' exchange students' accommodation from PSOAS are binding! If you have applied for accommodation with PSOAS as an exchange student to Oulu UAS, then you will receive information from PSOAS for autumn/academic year approx. in the end of June and in July, and for spring approx. in the end of November and in early December.

Please prepare all the documents or the respective texts (e.g. CV and Motivation Letter) in English (!) and make your choice of courses in advance. Kindly check beforehand the studies that are offered in English during your exchange period. 

If you are planning to pursue a traineeship at/through Oulu UAS, please describe the content of the needed traineeship in as detailed manner as possible in your motivation letter (for applicants to health and social care, please name the departments/fields/wards/clinics and/or other such information as well as the length or extent of the needed placements).

Double degree applicants may need to follow a distinct application process in additon to MoveON - information will be provided by Oulu UAS upon nomination of the students by their home universities.

Interviews during/after applying via MoveON (in Media LABs & Oamk LABs & Demola)

In the case of Oamk LABs, Media LABs and Demolathe application process includes an interview either during the application period or immediately afterwards:

  • Oulu Game LAB: 
    Mr Roberto Hanas (demo path), skype: Rk.roby
    Ms Anna Salomaa (product path), skype:
    Doodle registration link for autumn 2018: to be published

  • Oulu DevLAB: Mr Janne Karjalainen, skype: jannejkarjalainen,
    and/or Ms Ulla-Maija Seppänen, skype: ulla-maijaseppanen
    Doodle registration link for autumn 2018: to be published

  • Oulu EduLAB, autumn 2018: 
    Mr Blair Stevenson, skype: blair.stevenson
    Doodle registration link for autumn 2018: to be published

  • Sight & Sound LAB, autumn 2018
    Mr Heikki Timonen, skype: heikki.timonenii
    Doodle registration link for autumn 2018: 

  • Digital Publishing LAB, autumn 2018 
    Ms Karoliina Niemelä, skype: karoliina.niemela
    Doodle registration link for autumn 2018: to be publlished

  • Demola: Mr Pekka Silven, skype: psilven
    Doodle registration link for autumn 2018: to be published

The interview will be carried out individually and by skype or phone, and applicants have to register for it via the doodle link provided. Each interview will last approx. 15-30 min. Kindly note that the interview is according to Finnish local time. The purpose of the interview is to engage the applicant in a conversation about his/her motivation, interests, knowledge and skills relevant for carrying out studies/traineeship in multidisciplinary ways and by means of team work and individual efforts. The interviewer will check the MoveON application and documents in advance (e.g. CV, Cover Letter, Transcript of Records, Portfolio) and direct questions to the interviewee accordingly. Informal admission decisions may be given by the interviewer at the end of the interview, but the formal admission decisions will be circulated by International Services staff within one month after the interview/application to MoveON.

Admission decision process after applying

Admission decisions for exchange studies are made and communicated directly to the applicants approximately in one month after the application deadline by campus- and field-specific international coordinators of International Services.

Please note that Overseas/Third Country/Non-EU admission decisions are prioritised due to residence permit requirements and other practical considerations. If you are a student from Overseas/Third Country/Non-EU country, kindly consider that you must submit a residence permit application to the Finnish Immigration Service after admission to Oulu UAS, and that you can complete your travel arrangements only once you have received the residence permit from the Finnih Immigration Service.

Autumn and academic year:
Admission decisions are sent by the middle of June to Overseas/Third Country/Non-EU students, and by the end of June to EU/EEA/Swiss/Nordic students.

If you have applied for accommodation with PSOAS as an exchange student to Oulu UAS, then you will receive information from PSOAS approx. in the end of June and in July.

Admission decisions are sent by the middle of November to Overseas/Third Country/Non-EU students, and by the end of November to EU/EEA/Swiss/Nordic students.

If you have applied for accommodation with PSOAS as an exchange student to Oulu UAS, then you will receive information from PSOAS approx. in the end of November and in early December.


Admission decisions for traineeships are made as soon as possible, as applications for most educational fields (apart from health and social care) are accepted throughout the year. If you wish to apply for a traineeship or internship outside our established application periods, please get in touch with the coordinators of the respective campuses at International Services first.

Apply via MoveON

Apply via MoveON

The exchange application should be submitted during the application period via our MoveON system. N.B.! Music students apply online first via AEC Easy (, and then only for registration after admission also via MoveON. When you are entering MoveON for the first time you should register your e-mail address in the system (the right column on the log in page). The system will e-mail you an account activation link respectively confirmation e-mail to the address you entered. The confirmation message for the registration is sent automatically from with the subject "Form - Confirmation registration".

Please confirm your e-mail and activate your account by clicking the link in the activation e-mail. Please note that the link will only be valid for 24 hours! After registering you can log into the system with the e-mail address and password you have entered.

If you are not able to receive or locate the account activation link respectively confirmation e-mail within a reasonable time span (30 - 60 min), please check your e-mail spam folder and, especially, our guidelines for troubleshooting.

Application period for spring 2018 has ended on the 31st of October 2017.

Appliation period for autumn 2018 and academic year 2018-2019 will commence on the 1st of April 2018.