Accommodation for exchange students of Oulu UAS

On this page you can find information on accommodation services of exchange students. Information on accommodation for degree-seeking students is available in the Studies and Applying | Studying at Oulu UAS | Accommodation section of our website.

Accommodation services for incoming exchange students to Oulu University of Applied Sciences are provided by the Northern Finland Student Housing Foundation PSOAS in their Ylioppilaantie 4 hall of residence in Välkkylä.

Information on accommodation services and application process

Who can get housing?

Who can get housing?

Incoming exchange students who are going to study at Oulu UAS or have their practical training arranged by Oulu UAS can apply for student accommodation from the Northern Finland Student Housing Foundation PSOAS with whom Oulu UAS has an agreement for providing housing services to incoming students. Tenancy periods mentioned by Oulu UAS and PSOAS are binding!

How to apply for housing?

How to apply for housing?

You can apply for housing through the website of the Northern Finland Student Housing Foundation PSOAS. When filling in the application form, please remember to select "Oulu UAS exchange student" as your place of study in order to be included in Oulu UAS's quota for incoming exchange students.

Please notice that the availability of accommodation is limited. You should submit the application in as good time as possible, by the following deadlines at the latest

  • for autumn term / whole academic year: 15 May
  • for spring term: 31 October

Kindly note that accommodation cannot be guaranteed on short notice or for late applicants! Applications are processed in the order they are received.

Please notice that the rent is charged in full calendar months!

Autumn term or academic year:

If you are coming to Oulu UAS for the autumn term or the academic year, the rental agreement can only be made for one of the following time periods:

  • 1.8. - 31.12.
  • 1.8. - 31.5.


Spring term:

If you are coming to Oulu UAS for the spring term, the rental agreement can only be made for the following time period:

  • 1.1. (moving in 2.1.) - 31.5.


Exceptions in autumn and spring

1) Trainees pursuing their traineeship full-time (approx. 30 ECTS cr) outside of Oulu UAS' official term dates, usually Erasmus+ trainees who will be enrolled to Oulu UAS, but are staying at and are supervised by third parties (companies) yet also mentored by Oulu UAS' staff.

2) Health and social care students only (!) from designated partner universities for other intake options.
Intake option 2: 1.1. (moving in 2.1.) - 30.4.
Intake option 3: 1.3. - 31.5. (possibly moving on 28.2., to be confirmed)


N.B.! A mandatory orientation programme for new incoming students of all campuses will take place in the first weeks of terms (weeks #34 and #1.)


To the application form >>  

Remember to select 'Oulu UAS Exchange Student' as your place of study in the housing application!

After submitting your application

Keep the email address you've entered into the housing application form on eye regularly, as PSOAS Accommodation Office will offer you accommodation by an email sent directly to that email address.

If you have applied for accommodation with PSOAS as an exchange student to Oulu UAS, then you will receive information on your tenancy from PSOAS as follows:

For autumn/academic year: approx. in the end of June and in July
For spring: approx. in the end of November or early December 

After you've received an offer for accommodation (and you decide to take it), please immediately respond to PSOAS and confirm your accommodation by paying the deposit fee to PSOAS' bank account and informing the Accommodation Office of your acceptance. You'll have only a few days time to confirm your accommodation. Check the information in the section on "Arrival services" to find out how to obtain the keys and sign the rental agreement during arrival days respectively orientation days.



Family housing

Family housing

Unfortunately Oulu UAS's accommodation quota for incoming exchange students does not have suitable apartments for family housing.  Family housing may be available in other locations of the Northern Finland Student Housing Foundation (PSOAS). If you need family housing, it is advisable to discuss the housing arrangements in good time (at least six months) prior to the planned exchange period with PSOAS Accommodation Office.




The accommodation for exchange students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences is arranged mainly in Välkkylä in the Ylioppilaantie 4 hall of residence of the Northern Finland Student Housing Foundation PSOAS. It is located some 2 km from the city centre. All main campuses of Oulu UAS are within a walking or cycling distance from the residence hall.


  • Oulu UAS, Kontinkangas Campus (health and social care, vocational teacher education): 400 m
  • Oulu UAS, Teuvo Pakkalan katu Campus (business, library and information services, business information technology): 900 m
  • Oulu UAS, Kotkantie Campus (engineering, natural resources, media and performing arts, Oamk LABs): 1.7 km
  • Oulu Game Campus (Oulu Game LAB): 2.5 km
  • Nearest supermarkets (Prisma, Citymarket and Sale of Raksila): 700 m
  • Nearest bus stops (Välkkylä / Ouluhalli / Professorintie): 300 m 

Address of the hall

Ylioppilaantie 4 A (+ number of the apartment/room) 
FI-90130 OULU 

See the location on a City of Oulu guide map.


Location on Google Maps:



Public transport connections

Public transport connections

All our campuses in Oulu and the centre of the town are within a walking or cycling distance from Välkkylä. Bus connections to the centre and other parts of the city are good and frequent. Local buses 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 25, 34, 35N, 40, 41, 51, 53, 54 and 57 pass by Välkkylä (bus stop Välkkylä E / P). Also the Citybus line B passes by Välkkylä (bus stop Ouluhalli E / P). Buses 8, 51, 53, 54 and 57 stop also at stop Professorintie E / P which is almost in front of the building (access through a motorway underpass).

Bus timetables »
Journey planner »
Oulun liikenne journey planner »
Bus route map (pdf) »


Facilities in the hall of residence

Facilities of the hall of residence

Furniture, linen and kitchen utensils

The rooms and apartments for incoming exchange students have basic furniture (a bed with a mattress, a desk, a chair and cupboard(s) for storing clothes and other personal belongings.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences' International Services provides the tenants with basic kitchen utensils, crockery and dishes.

The apartments are either studios with a private bathroom and a private kitchenette, or shared apartments with two bedrooms (single occupancy) with a shared kitchenette and a shared bathroom (shared only by two rooms).

A linen service is included in the rent. You are provided with bed linen (sheets and a pillow case) and you can change them monthly at times announced in the residence hall. NB! Towels you should provide by yourself.

Residents themselves are responsible for the cleanliness of the flat (vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets and cleaning cloths can be borrowed). Cleaning detergents you should buy yourself.


There are common saunas in the use of residents. Bathing times for men and women are separate.


There is also a launderette which residents can use. The use of washing machines is free of charge, you only have to reserve your washing turn and buy your own washing powder and fabric softener.

Locations of the services, saunas, laundries etc. can be found on PSOAS website.

Free time activities

Välkkylä area has 10 halls of residence and apartment buildings. There is also a kindergarten in one of the buildings. Välkkylä is nearby parks and Raksila sports grounds. Cross-country skiing tracks and a skating rink in winter, and sawdust tracks and sports grounds in summer, and Ouluhalli sportshall and Oulu Swimming Hall are practically next door. Also all the leisure activities in the centre of Oulu are within an easy reach.

There's also a lounge room with a TV set in the building where exchange students are living. Reservations for the lounge can be made through PSOAS's service channels.

There's also City Biljard billiards hall / pub that serves also hot snacks just next to the residence hall.

Internet connection

All PSOAS residences have a fixed broadband internet connection (with cables, no wifi). The set up fee is included in the deposit fee payable by the exchange students upon confirming the offered accommodation. Further information on the internet connection is available at You should provide your own cables (RJ45) and routers for the use of the internet connection.


There are no public or pay phones in the hall of residence. Furthermore due to the popularity and extensive coverage of the mobile phone networks there are hardly any public phones anywhere in Finland. The best solution for communications is to get your own mobile phone. Mobile phone handsets might be cheaper in your home country but you must contact your mobile phone operator for details on how you can use it abroad. All Finnish mobile phone operators offer prepaid sim cards to visitors. ESN goodie bag given to incoming students may also include a prepaid sim card with some free credit on it.

Finnish mobile phone operators



Incoming mail is delivered to post lockers on the ground floor of the building. Your room key opens this locker. For outgoing mail the nearest (orange) post box is located in front of residence hall. There's a post box available also in front of the Louhi building of Oulu UAS Kontinkangas Campus (400 m) and Citymarket Raksila (700 m). The nearest post office is the Oulu Main Post Office at Hallituskatu 36. If you receive a parcel or another delivery that does not fit into the post locker the postman will drop in a notice of arrival against which you can collect the shipment from the Post Office. Stamps are readily available in most kiosks and supermarkets. 


Services around Välkkylä

Services around Välkkylä

In Välkkylä there is a City Biljard billiard hall/pub that serves also hot snacks.

About 700 metres from Välkkylä there is the Raksila shopping centre with two big all-round hypermarkets Citymarket and Prisma and a smaller Sale grocery store. The nearest ATMs are located in front of Citymarket.

Opening hours

  • Citymarket: Mon - Sat 8:00 - 21:00, Sun 11:00 - 21:00
  • Prisma: Mon - Sat 8:00 - 21:00, Sun 11:00 - 21:00
  • Sale: 24/7

Raksila sports grounds with the Oulu Baseball Stadium, artificial ice rink, Ouluhalli multipurpose sports hall and Oulu Swimming Hall are practically next door to Välkkylä. Further information on Sports Services of the City of Oulu: Adventure Park Huikia is also near.

Oulu UAS Student Union OSAKO's office is also located in Välkkylä at address Kajaanintie 32 D. 


Monthly rent and other fees

Monthly rent and other fees

PSOAS will inform incoming students directly about the details of offered room/apartment by email. Therefore it is of utmost importance to follow the email account you have entered into the online housing application you've submitted to PSOAS!

Confirmation and deposit fee

To confirm the offered accommodation, you should pay a deposit fee of 400 EUR directly to PSOAS' bank account AND inform PSOAS Accommodation Office of your acceptance without delay.

300 EUR of this deposit will be refunded back to you after you have move out, the apartment has been checked and the rental agreement has ceased to be in effect. The deposit fee includes also the service charge for opening e.g. internet connection and different maintenance fees (altogether these make up the non-refundable 100 EUR part of the deposit).

Monthly rents of single rooms

As of 1 August 2018

  • 347.43 EUR/month in a shared apartment
  • 421.97 EUR/month in a studio apartment

In addition to above-mentioned monthly rents PSOAS charges also the following monthly utility fees:

  • Electricity 10 EUR/month

Rents and other monthly fees are always charged for full calendar months, i.e. from the beginning of the month of your arrival to the end of the month of your departure, irrespective of the actual moving in or out dates (notice also the below-mentioned rental periods).

Notice! The rent rates mentioned on the website of PSOAS do not apply to incoming exchange students' accommodation due to the extra services provided for them (e.g. guaranteed accommodation within receiving university's quota, furniture, linen service etc.).

Kindly note that your rental agreement has to be made for one of the following time periods. Note that for those arriving for regular arrival and orientation days the rent will be charged as of 1.8. for autumn, and as of 1.1. for spring.

Autumn term or academic year:

If you are coming to Oulu UAS for the autumn term or the academic year, the rental agreement can only be made for one of the following time periods:

  • 1.8. - 31.12.
  • 1.8. - 31.5.

Spring term:

If you are coming to Oulu UAS for the spring term, the rental agreement can only be made for the following time period:

  • 1.1. (moving in 2.1.) - 31.5.


Exceptions in autumn and spring

1) Trainees pursuing their traineeship full-time (approx. 30 ECTS cr) outside of Oulu UAS' official term dates, usually Erasmus+ trainees who will be enrolled to Oulu UAS, but are staying at and are supervised by third parties (companies) yet also mentored by Oulu UAS' staff.

2) Health and social care students only(!) from designated partner universities for intake options 2 and 3.
Intake option 2: 1.1. (moving in 2.1.) - 30.4.
Intake option 3: 1.3. - 30.6.

3) In some cases and only (!) if the room quota at PSOAS' Välkkylä dormitory has been reached, PSOAS may offer alternative rental agreements and tenancy periods, e.g. 1.9. - 31.12., or 1.9. - 31.5.

In August you may move in earlier than on the official moving in date(s), but please notice that arrival services provided by peer tutors are available only during the official arrival dates and times.

You can pay the rent at any bank in Finland accepting cash payments, or through banks' automated and Internet services (also from your home country) with the invoices/bank giro forms you will receive from PSOAS. 

Arrival and the first days

Arrival and the first days

Access to your room

We arrange mandatory arrival services for exchange students coming to Oulu UAS for regular terms and during official arriving days and times. You should plan your travelling and arrival accordingly, and commute from your place of arrival (airport, bus/train station) to our student union's OSAKO's office, which is located close to PSOAS' Välkkylä dormitory. You will get your keys at OSAKO's office, where you may also meet your peer tutor or other tutors in charge of the arrival services. Please thoroughly consult detailed information and a video on our arrival services before making travelling plans and coming to Oulu.

Kindly note that we cannot offer arrival services, if you arrive to Oulu UAS at exceptional days and times than the official arrival days and times. Exceptions are, e.g. late arrival due to delayed flights, full-time traineeships at third parties, special intake arrivals for designated health and social care students. If you are arriving at exceptional days and times, you can get the keys and into your room usually on the first weekday of your rental period. If you arrive on a weekend or otherwise outside the office hours of the PSOAS Accommodation Office, you can get the key to your room only on the first weekday.

However, you may authorise another person (e.g. your peer tutor) to pick up the key for you in advance. This must be done by mutual agreement with your peer tutor and PSOAS, and can be done once you have received the confirmation of the tutor assignment from Oulu UAS. In such a case you as a tenant should inform the PSOAS Accommodation Office directly the name of your peer tutor in order him/her to be able to pick up the key for you in advance during the office hours of the Accommodation Office.


Rental agreement

If you arrive for regular terms and arrival days and times, then you will get and sign your rental agreement during Oulu UAS' orientation days. PSOAS will take part in the orientation days; there will be a representative from PSOAS giving a presentation on living in the Välkkylä dormitory, and you will be able to take care of tenancy matters such as the rental agreement during the orientation days.

If you arrive at exceptional days and times for an acceptable reason (see above), you must visit PSOAS Accommodation Office on the first weekday to sign the rental agreement for your room. However, if you arrive in the beginning of the academic term, the rental agreement will be signed during the orientation days and you do not have to visit PSOAS Accommodation Office for this purpose.


Further information

Further information

You can acquaint yourself with the services the Northern Finland Student Housing Foundation PSOAS offers to its tenants on its website at

Information on Ylioppilaantie 4 residence hall

This site contains the general description of the hall where Oulu UAS's incoming exchange students are accommodated. Notice! The rent rates listed on the site do not apply to incoming exchange students due to extra services offered to them and included in the rent.

PSOAS Resident's Guide

The PSOAS Resident's Guide provides information for students in different phases of their stay (for applicants / for tenants / for movers). You should acquaint yourself carefully with the information to be fully aware of all the services available to you as well as of all your obligations! 

Where can I get further information?

For further information on the status of your housing application, instructions for paying the deposit fee or monthly rent and other information related directly to your accommodation, please contact the PSOAS Accommodation Office at email

For further information on the exchange application process and general enquiries, please contact the International Services at email


What if I'm not offered a room through PSOAS?

What if I'm not offered a room through PSOAS?

Oulu UAS's housing quota for exchange students at PSOAS residences is limited (approx. 150 rooms) and in case demand surpasses availability, places in the quota are offered to the applicants in the order of reception of the housing application to PSOAS. Therefore exchange students are encouraged to apply for housing as early as possible. More information on housing and how to apply at PSOAS website

In addition to PSOAS, incoming exchange students have several options to arrange housing. Notice also that student accommodation maybe a lot is easier to get in spring term than in autumn. There may also be apartments becoming vacant during the term time due to students moving out from their current residence.

If you do not receive a room from PSOAS you will be notified of this early enough by PSOAS to arrange housing from private markets (providing that you have applied for a room through them). Below you will find useful information and links for other options.


Oulu UAS's agreement for accommodation of international students at Forenom Apart Hotel Oulu City Uusikatu

Oulu UAS's International Services and Forenom have an agreement about providing additional housing capacity to international students of Oulu UAS. This accommodation is provided by Forenom in their Forenom Apart Hotel Oulu City Uusikatu in the heart of Oulu's downtown right beside the Otto Karhi Park and all the services and activies of the city centre (e.g. the Shopping Centre Valkea is in the same block with the hotel and the pedestrian precinct Rotuaari is only 200 m away).

This option is available for a contract price 475 EUR/person/month in a shared twin apartment hotel room. The rent includes water, heating, electricty, internet connection, use of a shared kitchen and laundry, and a fortnightly cleaning and linen change. The rooms intended for exchange students have a bathroom and shower, a large flat-screen TV, hairdryer, refrigerator, microwave oven, an electric kettle and basic dishes, so you can prepare small meals right in your room. Bigger cookings can be done in the shared kitchen. You will have also an option of having breakfast for a discounted price in a nearby cafe.

For further information on this option, and to make a reservation, please email, tel. +358 40 450 6932.


Other housing providers in Oulu and more information

If you do not receive housing through PSOAS, please have a look at the options listed below > Housing providers and portals. Some of these have several options while others are small, individual locations, mostly unfurnished.

Also many Finnish students leave Oulu for a semester or two to go abroad themselves and sublet their flats/rooms - usually furnished. Here are some links to advertising sites:

Because rental advertisements and documents might be in Finnish, you can find further information on renting as follows:

When looking for long-term accommodation (furnished or unfurnished), please thoroughly check the advertisements on the private housing market, considering also general living costs for students. We suggest not to make any long-term rental agreement on the private housing market without having seen the property and checked the rental agreement beforehand at the location. We recommend to first travel to Finland to stay for a short term at a hotel/hostel/airbnb apartment, and then look for long-term accommodation (perhaps also together with other exchange students) in Oulu. Information on obtaining and transporting furniture and other practical information for living in Oulu is available from Oulu UAS' Oulu Guide.

Housing providers and portals

 Portals for private individuals offering housing rentals: