Arrival services

Preparing your exchange and arriving to Oulu

In order to help you preparing your exchange, travelling to Oulu, and making your arrival and stay at Oulu UAS pleasant and rewarding, our student union OSAKO and our International Services are organising international peer tutoring and will be assigning a peer tutor for you.

Your peer tutor is a degree student of Oulu UAS who will contact you before the exchange and stay in touch with you during the exchange, serving as a guide to the local student life in Oulu. He/She will be ready to welcome you at the Välkkylä dormitory (or other place if you haven't been able to get accommodation from PSOAS) during the official arrival days and times, see below.

We will assign a peer tutor to you shortly before the commencement of each term. You may then carry out different student-led activities with your peer tutor before, during and even after your exchange at Oulu UAS. For more information, please refer to the section “International Tutoring” on the page “Studying at Oulu UAS”. We will be using Excel lists to share information about assignments of international peer tutors.

See the people and process chart of international tutoring as follows - illustrations, autumn 2017. For a higher resolution, kindly click on the aforementioned linked files:


Please let us know your arrival information by 4 August at the latest for autumn, and 12 December for spring. You will be e-mailed a link to an internally shared Excel list by which you must provide your arrival information. You can access the link with your browser and add relevant information on your part (arrival day, time, place and means of transportation, as well as your place of accommodation).

Our tutors are updating the shared Excel list as well during the summer for the autumn term, and during autumn for the spring term. Our tutors will sign up for, or will be assigned to you and other exchange students by International Services. We from International Services will send a confirmed assignment message with contact information (e-mail and mobile phone number) in a separate e-mail to you and your peer tutor at the latest in the middle of August concerning the autumn term, and in the middle of December concerning the spring term. We are using the same internally shared Excel list in our assignment message.

Once you have received the assignment message (shared Excel list) with the confirmation from International Services, immediately contact your peer tutor by e-mail and phone, and provide him/her with your mobile phone number and other relevant contact information.

We’re using a facebook group for all exchange students and peer tutors of Oulu UAS – feel free to join it at In case of changes in your travel arrangements, swiftly inform your peer tutor and about it by phone and e-mail.

If you wish to benefit from our arrival services by means of our peer tutors, please make your travel arrangements for the official arrival days and times:

  • Autumn 2017: 21 - 23 August between 7 am and 22 pm
  • Spring 2018: 2 - 3 January 2018 between 7 am and 22 pm

Our international peer tutors will be ready to meet you during the aforementioned times at our student union OSAKO’s office.

OSAKO’s office is located close to PSOAS’ Välkkylä dormitory, where most of you will be staying during your exchange. You can find OSAKO’s office easily – whether you will be arriving to the Oulu Airport, Oulu Train/Bus Station or directly to OSAKO’s office by your own car or other means of transportation.

OSAKO has prepared a video explaining how to commute from the Oulu Airport to OSAKO’s office:


Kindly note that it is not possible to stay overnight at the Oulu Airport, as it is closed between 2 am and 4 am! If you are arriving at other times, you must organise transportation and stay at a hostel/hotel in Oulu, see

Arrival services outside the official arrival days and times are not possible, but if you have not been offered or haven’t accepted a room at PSOAS’ Välkkylä dormitory, you may approach your peer tutor and enquire about possible assistance during the arrival times.

If your accommodation at the Välkkylä dormitory has been confirmed by PSOAS for the official tenancy periods (1 August for autumn, and 1 January for spring, moving in as early as 2 January!), then your room key will be available at OSAKO’s office during the aforementioned official arrival days and times. Your assigned peer tutor or another peer tutor who is available at OSAKO’s office at your time of arrival will then lead you to your room.

Please note that the arrival service applies only to your arrival to Oulu (not to the departure from Oulu), and that you have to cover your own travelling expenses in all cases.

If you have not received or accepted a room at PSOAS due to the capacity limits of the Välkkylä dormitory (150 rooms), please search for housing as instructed at > “What if…”.

In case your tenancy at the PSOAS’ Välkkylä dormitory commences or you will be arriving - exceptionally - at other times than during the official arrival services, we advise you to make arrangements as follows in autumn:

Arriving before 21 August:
PSOAS' keys for vacant rooms and tenancies as of 1 August at the Välkkylä dormitory have been delivered to OSAKO's office in July. Please contact OSAKO and pick up the key yourself during office hours or, if possible, your peer tutor may pick up the key for you and meet you at the dormitory at a mutually agreed time. Please make arrangements  directly with OSAKO or your peer tutor for picking up the key. Check OSAKO’s opening hours from the following website: and Early and regular arrivals' tenancy agreements must be made during the joint orientation day of Oulu UAS - PSOAS joins the event.

Arriving during 21 and 23 August:
PSOAS' keys for vacant rooms and tenancies as of 1 August at the Välkkylä dormitory have been delivered to OSAKO's office in July. You can pick up your key from OSAKO ayourself during arrival service hours, 7 am - 22 pm. Regular arrivals' tenancy agreements must be made during the joint orientation day of Oulu UAS - PSOAS joins the event.

Arriving later than 23 August:
Pick up the key by yourself from PSOAS’ accommodation office downtown Oulu, as keys will be returned from OSAKO's office to PSOAS' office downtown on 24 August during the orientation day. If you are coming on 24 August in the morning, you can pick it up at the orientation day and devise the tenancy agreement in the premises of Oulu UAS. If you are arriving after 24 August late afternoon, kindly check PSOAS' opening hours from their website, Late arrivals' tenancy agreements with PSOAS must be made in person in the first week of your stay at PSOAS' office.


In general, you may ask your peer tutor for assistance and authorise your peer tutor to PSOAS or to any other relevant accommodation provider to pick up the key on your behalf. Kindly note, however, that our peer tutors are normally only available to help out with providing keys etc. during the official arrival days and times. The same applies, if you have received housing on the private market – nevertheless feel free to ask for help from your peer tutor. You may agree on picking up your key etc. on mutual terms.

If you have questions about international tutoring and the arrival services, please contact Oulu UAS' International Services ( respectively your international administrative coordinator at Oulu UAS.



Orientation days and study information sessions

Oulu UAS arranges orientation days for you and all incoming exchange students. Participation in orientation days is mandatory, as they are an excellent way to start your exchange and get to know each other.

You will take part both in a joint orientation day of Oulu UAS, and in a campus- and field-specific orientation day. In addition, some study programmes (e.g. Demola, Oamk LABs, Terwa Academy) may involve additional kickoff meetings in the first weeks of your studies.

Our joint orientation day offers you plenty of practical information on living in Oulu and making your way at Oulu UAS (accommodation, student health care, services for students, student union OSAKO and ESN). It consists of morning sessions with presentations and a market place event with interactive stands in the afternoon, as well as an Oulu city tour by bus.

You will also receive the following administrative documents:

  • Study/Enrolment certificate of Oulu UAS
  • Meal subsidy card
  • In case of emergency card (ICE card)
  • IT slip with user accounts, usernames and passwords

You will receive other administrative documents at your checkin meeting with your international administrative coordinator on our campuses during the first week of your exchange studies, see section "Checkin meeting"


Our campus- and field-specific orientation day provides you with detailed information on your studies/traineeship/project works/art/event productions. You will take part in a morning session with international administrative coordinators (International Services). Our peer tutors will offer a campus tour or other student-lead activities.

Our field-specific international academic coordinators will have a study information session in order to share information on academic conduct, ethical guidelines, as well as your course choice, schedules and other possible timetables.

They will refer to your course choice based on your learning agreement (before the mobility) and advise you concerning course enrolments etc. The learning agreements (before the mobility) have been usually confirmed after your admission by international administrative coordinators (International Services).

In case of changes of courses, you must turn to your field-specific international academic coordinator and a representative of your home university to approve of the changes, and then e-mail the signed learning agreement (during the mobility) for signature to all relevant parties. For more detailed information, please check and follow our instructions in the section "Learning Agreement (before, during and after the mobility" on the page "Studying at Oulu UAS".

More detailed information about the orientation days and other events is also provided by e-mail, our facebook group for exchange students, and via the web pages of Oulu UAS.

Checkin meeting (mandatory) and administrative documents

In short:

  • Checkin meeting with your international administrative coordinator (see also the other items below that you may need to bring to and get at your checkin meeting)
    Make your booking once you have obtained your teaching schedules during or shortly after the orientation days for the following 1-2 weeks, see booking links below - will be updated shortly before the term. If you are coming at other times (trainee), then please agree by e-mail or phone on an individual meeting with your international administrative coordinator.

    Kotkantie campus (ICT, Engineering, Natural Resources, Media & Performing Arts, Oamk LABs). Announced by Bastian Fähnrich. Make your appointment (2 persons for one time slot) via the doodle link at Write your full name (forename and surname) on the available appointment and save it. In case of changes, remove your name and reschedule your appointment. See you!

    Kontinkangas & Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus (Health & Social Care, International Business, Business Information Technology): Announced separately by Piritta Nätynki.

  • Arrival confirmation
    Check with your home university whether you need this or other relevant documents giving proof of the arrival and commencement of your exchange on your home university's template, and bring it to the checkout meeting or e-mail it beforehand to your international administrative coordinator
  • Enrolment/Study certificate
    If you have arrived for exchange studies for regular term dates, you should have received your enrolment/study certificate during Oulu UAS orientation days. If you haven't received it during the orientation days or if you have arrived later, you can get this document from your international administrative coordinator at your checkin meeting.
  • Meal Subsidy CardICE CardIT slip with user accounts, usernames and passwords
    If you have arrived for exchange studies for regular term dates, you should have received the aforementioned documents during Oulu UAS orientation days. If you have arrived later, you can get these documents from your international administrative coordinator at your checkin meeting.
  • Personal data form (yellow form)
    Return this form to your international administrative coordinator once you have obtained/received your Finnish personal identity code - you can return it later than the checkin meeting by e-mail or in person during service hours of International Services, Tue-Thu 9-11 and 12-14!
  • Learning agreement (before the mobility)
    Check that you have a copy of this document - you should have received it with or shortly after the admission e-mail by Oulu UAS. If you do not have a copy, please talk to your international administrative coordinator at your checkin meeting.
  • Learning agreement (during the mobility)
    If you have changed or are planning to change your course choice and enrolment (adding or deleting courses), please meet your international academic coordinator/traineeship supervisor, and follow the process outlined in the section "Learning Agreement" on the page "Studying at Oulu UAS".


In detail:

In the beginning of your studies you must take care of certain administrative matters and documents. Administration is intended to make your life easier and thus ensures a good start to your exchange studies or traineeship at our university and in Oulu.

Please book a checkin meeting with your international administrative coordinator for the first week of your studies/traineeship. The booking link will be available here during the orientation days.

If you are coming later than ususal (trainee), then please individually agree on your checkin meeting with your international administrative coordinator. In addition, please make an appointment with your international academic coordinator or traineeship supervisor to find out about matters related to your studies or traineeship.

In case you have questions, please contact Oulu UAS' International Services ( respectively your international administrative or academic coordinator at Oulu UAS.