Certificate charges

Certificates and transcripts are free of charge while you are an exchange student at Oulu UAS. The transcript of records issued at the end of your exchange period and stating all your study attainments is also free of charge. Additional copies of the final transcript, or transcripts issued due to e.g. misplacing the transcripts or certificates, are subject to the fees mentioned below (e.g. a transcript of records costs 10 EUR + delivery costs to abroad 10 EUR = 20 EUR). 


A degree certificate with appendices 40 euros
A transcript of records 10 euros

For a student of Oulu UAS a Trascript of Records is free of charge. If the student needs more than three copies at a time, the fee is 1 EUR/Transcript of Records.

Complementary certificates or reference letters for working abroad 40 EUR and investigation and reports by the head of the degree programme 60 EUR/hour.

Delivery costs

Delivery as a registered letter to Finland 6 euros and abroad 10 euros
Delivery as a registered cash on delivery letter to Finland 10 euros (not possible for international deliveries).

Examination costs

Taking an examination in Oulu UAS's examination event for students who are not students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences: 50 EUR

For a present student a transcript of records (one copy) is free of charge. If the student needs more than three copies at a time, the fee is 1 EUR/Transcript of Records.

A resigned student gets a resignation certificate with a free transcript of records. An original degree certificate is also free of charge to a graduating student. 

A transcript of records issued to an exchange student stating all his/her study attainments at the end of his/her exchange period is also free of charge and can be picked up from the International Services before returning home (providing that all study attainments have been assessed and recorded by then), or it can be sent either to the student him/herself, or to his/her home university's international office.

The transcripts of records and the copies of the degree certificates can be picked up from the International Services offices of Oulu UAS, or they can be sent as a registered letter to your home address (or to the international office of your home university). Please agree on the mode of delivery with the International Services in advance. The receipt of payment should be sent as an e-mail attachment, or it can also be produced upon pick up, if copies or certificates are picked up in person. Cash payments are not accepted.

The Student or International Services of Oulu UAS certify for a true copy only degree certificates and transcripts of records which they have copied themselves. Copies are given only of degree certificates and transcripts of records which are awarded and issued by Oulu University of Applied Sciences.


Instructions for payments 

Costs for copies of degree certificates, transcripts of records and potential handling and delivery fees are paid

  1. In advance as a bank transfer to the following bank account

    Beneficiary's bank: Osuuspankki/OP Bank
    IBAN: FI32 5741 4020 0600 54
    Beneficiary: Oulun Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy (Oulu University of Applied Sciences Ltd)

    It is obligatory to mention in the message field of the payment: Oamk 10208


  2. Cash on delivery
    Cash on delivery can be used only for letters which are sent to Finnish addresses

 Cash payments are not accepted.


(Rector of the University of Applied Sciences 2013. Decision 10.4.2015 § 32. Similar fees are also charged from degree students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences.)