General information

On the general information pages you will find a lot of information about Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Finland. The first five parts deal with studying at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. There is a list of the most important contact persons with addresses and telephone numbers. Then there is an extended general description of Oulu University of Applied Sciences, which describes e.g. locations and organisation of Oulu University of Applied Sciences, programme structure, libraries and admission requirements. Then you will also find information about the student union and student activities.

The sixth part "General Practical Information" deals with coming to Finland and all practical matters that need to be taken care of before departure to Finland. There is useful information on issues like:

  • Visa
  • Residence permit
  • Work permit
  • Travelling
  • Living expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Health care and insurances
  • Vaccination
  • Facilities for special need students

The seventh part deals with daily life situations such as:

  • Dealing with money
  • Public transportation
  • Telephone and mail
  • Buying food
  • Meals at student restaurants
  • Shopping