Meals at student restaurants

There is a student restaurant in every school of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Additionally the student restaurants of the University of Oulu as well as the student restaurants of the Oulu Vocational College are at the students' disposal. In Oulu’s city centre the Lunch Restaurant Vanilla in the Office Buiding of Oulu (Torikatu 34–40), Lunch Restaurant Minttu in the Cultural Centre Valve (Hallituskatu 7), Antell Restaurant ODL in Terveystalo (Albertinkatu 16) and Cafe Preludi in the Oulu Music Centre (Leevi Madetojan katu 1-3) where students can have an inexpensive lunch. The maximum price of a warm meal in a student restaurant is normally 2.60 euros (in the academic year 2015–2016), if you have a student's meal subsidy card (in Finnish "ateriatukikortti"). Student canteens have usually 1–3 normal priced and some slightly more expensive special lunch options. In the student restaurants of Oulu UAS the current price for a normal student lunch is 0.88 euro. A student lunch includes salad, bread, drinks and a warm main course.

Meal subsidy cards will be given to enrolled exchange and degree students in the Student Services Offices or by the international co-ordinators of the schools. Meal subsidy cards will also be delivered to students during the orientation days. If you are a member of the student union and have a valid student membership card, you do not need a separate meal subsidy card in order to be entitled to the student-priced meals.