Information about Enrolment

Every student enrols at the university of applied sciences annually. The enrolment must be completed for the whole academic year (1 August to 31 July) by using the Asio student administration software. If a student cannot enrol electronically, the enrolment must be done by filling in the Enrolment form for students continuing their studies (link to students' intranet). First year students have to enrol according to the instructions given with the notification of admission.

Enrolment period

The student who is continuing his/her studies must enrol during the period from 15 April to 31 May for the whole following academic year. He/she can change his/her enrolment for absence/presence during the enrolment period.

There is an additional enrolment period from 1 June to 10 September, when the student is only allowed to enrol as present. This additional enrolment period will be used for the last time in 2015.

If a student has a justified reason to change the enrolment after the enrolment period, he/she must fill in the Application for Change in Enrolment for Presence/Absence (link to students' intranet) and address it to the Manager of Student Services. The change can be approved for the next term.

Rights and obligations

The rights of a present student:

An absent student does not have the above-mentioned rights.

A student who enrols as absent must report the cancellation of his/her study grant to the KELA Centre for Student Financial Aid. Absence without enrolment as absent or absence with inadequate documentation shortens the prescribed maximum duration of studies.

Obligations of a student who continues studies after an absence:

Enrolment alternatives for a continuing student

A student can enrol

If a student has been accepted before the spring 2015, he/she can enrol absent for a total of two academic years.

If a student has been accepted in the spring 2015 or later, he/she can enrol absent for a total of two terms. If a student has enrolled absent during the first academic year due to an illness or an injury, it will be deducted from his/her total time of absence, i.e. two terms. Absence due to compulsory military service, non-military service, women’s voluntary military service, maternity, paternity or parental leave is possible at any stage of the studies. In order for the above-mentioned not to deducted from the total time of absence, a student must present to Student Services by 31 August or 31 December or the following week-day

The above-mentioned documents can be in Finnish, Swedish or English.

A student who has been granted a discretionary extension period or separate right to study is not allowed to enrol as absent.

Enrolment alternatives for first year students

If a student has been accepted in the spring 2015 or later, he/she can enrol absent during the first term if he/she

If the above-mentioned grounds for absence are valid only for one term (for example, military service beginning in January), a student can, if he/she so wishes, enrol absent for the whole academic year. If the obstacle applies only to the first day of the term (1 August), a student can use his/her permission to be absent if he/she thinks it is appropriate. If any of the above-mentioned reasons appear after the enrolment period, the existing enrolment will not be changed, but the matter will be taken into consideration when granting extension period (link to students' intranet).

Loss of right to study and returning

If student has not completed his/her enrolment within the given time limit he/she will forfeit his/her right to study. Director of Study Affairs can return right to study from the beginning of the following spring term or academic year by the application. The proceedings of the reapplication for admission due to unenrolment cost 50 euros. A personal study plan must be included in the application. 

The student is entitled to submit a request for rectification in writing to the rector within 14 days of being notified of the decision regarding the cancelled right to study.

More information

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Rector’s decision 2 June 2015 § 53