Programme Structure

Studies in oulu University of Applied Sciences are a practically oriented alternative to university education and give the students excellent professional skills - theoretical knowledge combined with career skills. Students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences work as trainees and prepare their Bachelor's theses in the partner enterprises and organisations of Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

The undergraduate degree of the University of Applied Sciences is a Bachelor-level/first-cycle degree. The extent of a degree programme is defined in credits, so that the completion of a degree requires 210 - 270 credits, which takes 3.5 - 4.5 years of full-time study depending on the field of study. The Finnish credit system has been updated to comply with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) so that the Finnish credits are equivalent to the ECTS credits. Higher education studies are measured in credits (cr). Courses and study modules are credited according to the amount of work they require to attain the required objectives. A student's average study effort of 1,600 hours required for the completion of studies during one academic year corresponds to 60 credits.

The degree programmes are divided into basic studies, professional studies, including practical training, free-choice studies and a Bachelor's thesis. More detailed information about the degree programmes can be found under the educational departments.

The degree structure of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences has been developed in the last few years. Master degrees (second-cycle degrees/postgraduate degrees; in Finnish ylempi ammattikorkeakoulututkinto) have been established in all fields of study. A Master programme in University of Applied Sciences comprises of 60-90 ECTS credits depending on the field of study in which the first degree is taken (1 to 1.5 years of full-time study). Master programmes are meant for undergraduates with at least 3 years of relevant work experience after completing the Bachelor's degree. They offer gainfully employed undergraduates an excellent opportunity to deepen and expand their special expertise.

The Masters graduated from University of Applied Sciences have also access to further studies at the universities at master level. However, Finnish universities do not necessarily recognise studies completed at University of Applied Sciences automatically. The previous studies will be recognised individually.

For international students who are staying here for a few months and are interested in completing parts of their qualifications, Oulu University of Applied Sciences also provides study modules taught in English. These courses are intended for inclusion in their degree programmes at their home universities. Most exchange students come to Oulu University of Applied Sciences through the Erasmus or other EU programmes, Nordplus, north2north, FIRST as well as bilateral agreements made between Oulu University of Applied Sciences and its partners. Also a number of so-called free mover students are accepted annually.

Practical Training in Oulu Region

Oulu University of Applied Sciences is an active matchmaker between students and employers: practical training is included in all our degree programmes and most students write their Bachelor's thesis in conjunction with the companies. Our international exchange students also receive assistance in finding placements in the Oulu region.
For more information on possibilities to have your practical training arranged through Oulu University of Applied Sciences, please contact the international co-ordinator of the school in question. General information on trainee exchanges and trainee exchange programmes you will find on the Study in Finland website.

Practical Training with Erasmus

The European Commission has launched new actions in the Erasmus programme. Now students from higher education institutions have a new opportunity to do their practical training with the support of the Erasmus grant. Full time students may be entitled to an Erasmus grant for practical training from their own higher education institution. Students are recommended to find out if their home university allots Erasmus grants for practical training abroad.

Students acquire their placement independently of or with the help of their own home institution. Information for placement-hunting can be found from the Starter kit for newcomers to Oulu [.pdf].