Working along with studies

Permission to Work on a Residence Permit
Work along with Studying / non-EU/EEA Citizens
Restrictions on Working Hours

Students who are non-EU/EEA citizens are allowed to do a limited amount of paid work during the studies under a residence permit issued for studies if the work in question is practical training included in the studies or Bachelor's thesis commissioned by an employer. Part-time work is also possible, if the working time does not exceed 25 hours per week on average. Full-time working is allowed only during breaks in teaching (holiday seasons summer and Christmas) and practical training. Students do not need a worker’s residence permit for part-time work in Finland.

Full-time employment may be undertaken during holidays when the university of applied sciences does not arrange teaching as such; in practice this is usually during summer and Christmas vacations (from May 1 to Sept 30 and from Dec 15 to Jan 15).

Earnings from part-time work during term-time may be included in the amount of disposable funds required for a residence permit at the discretion of the authorities. This is not, however, possible in the case of a first residence permit.

Non-EU/EEA students are not allowed to work full-time during the semesters without a worker's residence permit, because then they could not be considered as students.

Work along with Studying / EU/EEA Citizens

Students who are citizens of the European Union or Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland may work along with studying in Finland without a worker's residence permit, but they have to register their right to stay in Finland.


Taxation of your income depends on your working time in Finland. For further information, see (Ministry of Labour). You will also need to apply for a tax card when working in Finland (see, Finnish National Board of Taxes).

Please note that the majority of employers require Finnish language skills from their employees.

Further information on the residence permit for students and on how to apply for it will be given also by the police.

The legislation concerning residence in Finland (Aliens Act 301/2004) can be found on the following Web site: