Studies in English for exchange students

You will find the studies available for incoming students from the subpages on the left as soon as the course offer has been confirmed. The updated course lists will be available by the beginning of the application periods.

On the subpages mentioned in the menu bar on the left you can find more detailed information on the available courses and programmes. Kindly note that it is possible to apply to and pursue studies normally only from one of the offered exchange study programmes and on one level due to timetable constraints. Check the study information thoroughly and - if in doubt - contact International Coordinators in relevant fields for more detailed information.


Application periods (see also "Exchange application")

Health and social care programmes:

Autumn and academic year: 1 April - 30 April for exchanges including practical training and until 15 May for other exchanges

Spring: 15 September - 30 September for exchanges including practical training and until 31 October for other exchanges

All other fields and programmes:

Autumn and academic year: 1 April - 15 May

Spring: 15 September - 31 October