Health & Social Care

The departments in health and social care are offering various exchange study programmes in English during 2017-2018. It is also possible to pursue interdisciplinary project studies in Oamk LABs (Oulu DevLAB), if suitable. Information for 2018-2019 will be published here in March 2018.

For more information on the studies and courses, visit the links below to obtain Excel files of the respective exchange study programme and, especially, the study path options making it possible to match timetables.

For students from designated (only!) partner universities, we offer different intake options in spring 2018. We nevertheless prefer full-term exchanges with a workload/scope of 30 ECTS cr.

Kindly note the exceptional application period, if you choose a practical training course / traineeship. Applications for practical training courses along with other courses have to be submitted via MoveON at the latest by 30 April (autumn) and by 30 September (spring). Late applications cannot be accepted!

Once you have applied via MoveON for a practical training course from within one of the exchange study programmes, please notify the international academic and administrative coordinator in your field at Oulu UAS, so we can immediately follow up on your application.

All courses listed are instructed in English. N.B.! Only courses from one programme can be taken due to timetabling constraints.


If need be, you may obtain more detailed course descriptions from the course search website of Oulu UAS by entering the specific course code and/or name, as mentioned in the aforementioned Excel lists.

Oulu UAS' fields in health and social care offer traineeships to a limited number of students from partner universities during the regular terms. Traineeships are offered either in Oamk LABs (Oulu DevLAB, 30 ECTS cr) or combined with a workload of 15 ECTS cr with other courses from exchange study programmes in health and social care. Health and social care depertments offer a practical training course termed O4323ST Advanced Practical Training, as mentioned in the field-specific exchange study programmes listed in the section of studies in health and social care.

Erasmus+ traineeships in health and social care can be pursued only in special fields of health care (biomedical laboratory sciences, optometry, radiography and radiation therapy, and dental health care) with the scope of 10 ECTS cr, or combined with practical training in Oamk LABs (Oulu DevLAB) with the workload of 15 ECTS cr.

Other fields in health and social care (nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social services) offer practical training with the scope of 6 ECTS cr during the regular terms, but this does not allow for Erasmus+ traineeships due to the workload requirements set by the Erasmus+ programme (min 10 ECTS cr, or 2 months). It can be combined with practical training in Oamk LABs (Oulu DevLAB) with the workload of 15 ECTS cr, and then also Erasmus+ requirements are met.

Traineeships in health and social care must be applied to according to the application process and deadlines, in autumn by 30 April, and for spring by 30 September. 

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