Natural Resources

The department of natural resources offers an exchange programme in English in the field of agriculture and rural industries during 2017-2018. It may be also possible to pursue interdisciplinary project studies in Oamk LABs, possibly Oulu DevLAB. Information for 2018-2019 willl be updated here in March 2018.

For more information on the courses offered in natural resources, visit the links below to obtain Excel files of the respective exchange study programme according to the group code given below.

All courses listed are instructed in English. N.B.! Only courses from one programme can be taken due to timetabling constraints.


Autumn 2017


Spring 2018


If need be, you may obtain more detailed course descriptions from the course search website of Oulu UAS by entering the specific course code and/or name, as mentioned in the aforementioned Excel lists. In addition, you may also access the search tool, change language to English, and enter the search query according to the group code given above, either EXL17SAGR or EXL18KAGR. A list of the courses offered will appear.  

In case of questions, feel free to contact the International Coordinator: Mr Bastian Fähnrich.




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