Oamk LABs

Oamk LABs are English-medium non-degree programmes offered by Oulu UAS in the autumn and spring term in 2018-2019. Both 3-/4-year Bachelor's and Master's level students from different educational fields are working together in interdisciplinary teams in order to develop products or services for various industries, see more below.

Oamk LABs consist of a Demo Path (30 ECTS cr), which can be pursued in autumn or spring, and Product Path (30 ECTS cr), which can be pursued in the following semester after completion of the Demo Path. Each path needs to be taken as a whole due to pedagogical reasons. Detailed course descriptions are available at http://u.oamk.fi/oamklabs1819

Have a look at videos (short / long version) giving insight into the Oamk LAB approach through the eyes and words of students.




If need be, you may obtain more detailed course descriptions from the course search website of Oulu UAS by entering the specific course code and/or name, as mentioned above and at http://u.oamk.fi/oamklabs1819  


Oamk LABs consist of a Demo Path (30 ECTS cr) by which demos of products or services are developed for an entire term, first by pitching ideas and then by working in teams on the project in an interdisciplinary and business-driven approach. Here is more information on the pedagogical approach and methods, as well as a concise overview of the pedagogy and student experience

Students who have passed the Demo Path, may continue working on their project in the frame of the Product Path (30 ECTS cr) in order to bring their product or service to the market and establish a start-up company.

Throughout the Oamk LABs, student teams are guided and coached by academic/professional staff of Oulu UAS and relevant industry/company representatives. Both the Demo and Product Path can be pursued either as a study or traineeship exchange.

Exchange students must apply to Oamk LABs and to one of the options or study paths (Oulu Game LAB, Oulu DevLAB, Oulu EduLAB) within the regular application dates for Oulu UAS. Oamk LABs fit best for students in their 3rd or 4th year of studies on Bachelor's or Master's level. See also application requirements and process for exchange students. Oamk LABs are carried out on several campuses and facilties in Oulu.

In case of questions, please refer to field-specific International Coordinator: