Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business



Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, full-time studies

Educational and professional objectives

The degree programme in International Business has been designed to meet the requirements of internationally oriented enterprises and is carried out entirely in English. It is intended for both Finnish and international students wishing to seek employment in international business, sales and marketing or entrepreneurship.

The programme emphasises interaction within a multicultural setting which will grow the ability of graduates to assess the differences between national, organisational and occupational cultures. Students learn by participating lectures and discussions, doing group works, keeping presentations, taking part in different projects and case studies and visiting companies. Many of the courses are delivered in co-operation with visiting lecturers from foreign partner universities. The close co-operation with working life makes it possible for students to put the theory they have learnt at lectures into practise. Studies include practical training which enables students to network with working life in Finland and abroad.

Study contents

The programme focuses on developing various skills required in the field of innovative international business providing students the ability to work in international environment. They will learn how to draft international sales and marketing plans and how to implement, co-ordinate and control them. Students are taught how to create, develop and maintain profitable customer relationships. The programme also includes international marketing management which enables graduates to conduct analyses, international market surveys and formulate market-entry strategies. Students will learn IT, HRM, management and accounting. The graduates adopt an approach that is based on demand and user oriented innovativeness which make it possible for them to work in project duties with initiative-oriented and developmental approach. 

The programme takes 3.5 years to complete. It consists of basic studies, professional studies, practical training, free choice studies and the Bachelor’s thesis. The programme leads to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Learning environment also include e-learning elements. Studies include courses in sales and marketing, international business, negotiation skills, entrepreneurship, management, languages and computing. Practical training is carried out during the autumn term of the third year either in Finland or abroad, in the field of international business. 

The programme emphasises interaction within a multicultural setting. It comprises lectures, discussions, group work, presentations, projects, case studies and company visits. Students have access to up-to-date computer facilities. Many of the courses are delivered in cooperation with visiting lecturers from foreign partner universities. Students are encouraged to complete a part of their degree as exchange students in partner institutions in Europe, Asia and the USA. Practical training can also be completed abroad.

Student’s special needs can be taken into consideration in their personal study plan.


Students are encouraged to participate in a student exchange period in one of the partner institutions in Europe, Asia or USA, and also to carry out a practical training period abroad.
Students will also have an opportunity to apply to a Double Degree programme at partner university either in the United States or Germany. In Double Degree programme students spend part of their studies in partner institution and will receive a degree diploma from both higher education institutions once they graduate from Oulu UAS.

Versatile possibilities at Oamk LABs

Oamk LABs are unique training and development programme available for students of Oulu UAS. The learning is based on studying and working in interdisciplinary projects, targeting the development of products, services and start-ups. Studies are meant for third or fourth year students and have a separate application period.  There are three LAB options available:

Oulu Game LAB – focuses on the creation of multidisciplinary teams to build prototypes, products and then start-ups targeting the global games industry. 

DevLAB – on the spring 2016 focus points are the health /wellness and energy/environment industries and on autumn 2016 green sustainability and natural resources.

EduLAB -  focuses on the global education technology industry.


After graduation student will have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (BBA), Tradenomi amk in Finnish. The degree gives the qualification to apply for jobs and posts where academic degree is required. Bachelor's degree also allows graduates to continue to Master's degree studies.

Career opportunities

The programme allows versatile career opportunities both in Finland and internationally. Usually the graduates make their careers in the areas such as International sales and marketing, customer services, sales and office assignments, personnel administration, finance, marketing design and implementation or international trade import and export. The working title could be one of the following:

  • • Account Manager
  • • Marketing Managers and Assistance
  • • Marketing Co-ordinator
  • • Customer Service Agent
  • • Sales Manager and Negotiator
  • • Purchasing Manager
  • • Entrepreneur

Good opportunities for business life

Hungarian Tamas Zsakovics, 24, studies International Business at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. He thinks that Oulu UAS offers good opportunities for business students.

Teachers make students think

Adrian Canales, 29, is about to start his second year in Degree Programme in International Business at the Oulu UAS. His life in Oulu started two years ago because of love.


There are plenty of versatile and affordable housing options available for students in the city of Oulu. Oulu University of Applied Sciences does not have student halls of residence but student housing for all degree students, both Finnish and international, is mainly provided by the local student housing organisation PSOAS, the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland.

Free time activities

The City of Oulu offers plenty of opportunities for different kind of activities from sports to nature activities and culture.