Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology



Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology, full-time studies

Educational and professional objectives

Information technology is necessary in every area of human life. The need for ICT professionals is growing continuously. Graduated ICT engineers are able to design and realize various software solutions and applications. They are also capable of working as active members of their working society and developing their own profession. The degree programme in Information Technology is meant for both Finnish and international students who are interested in making career in international working environment in Finland and abroad.

To build a good basis for the engineering studies, students will be studying mathematics and physics. Students will also learn to document their work and to manage different communicative and interactive situations and to apply international knowledge and competences in their own field. Foreign students will learn basics of Finnish languages.

All students will be provided with good skills in Web programming and databases. After graduation students are able to design and implement modern Internet services and applications.

Study contents

Studies are organized mainly as daytime teaching at our international campus. Studies include lectures, workshops, project and group assignments as well as individual presentations. Studies have close connections to working life. Students will be working in local companies where they can practice and show they skills in real working environment.

The studies include:

  • Software processes and activities in different process phases and tools
  • Usability concepts, design and implementation principles of web user interface with suitable tools
  • Solving problems in object oriented style
  • Communicative situations related to working life in the ICT field
  • Modern cloud service techniques
  • Agile methods and tools in mobile software and product development
  • Business models in mobile application business
  • Overview of IoT solutions. 
Choosing a main subject or field of specialization

Students will be studying in the option of Web Development. In this option the professional studies consist mainly of software development, web and mobile application technologies and IoT technologies.


You will be studying as a part of a multicultural student team. We have students from all over the world. In addition to that, we arrange possibilities to work in co-operation with the finnish student groups. There are also possibilities to participate in international student exchange programs.

Versatile possibilities at Oamk LABs

Oamk LABs are unique training and development programme available for students of Oulu UAS. The learning is based on studying and working in interdisciplinary projects, targeting the development of products, services and start-ups. Studies are meant for third or fourth year students and have a separate application period.  There are three LAB options available:

Oulu Game LAB – focuses on the creation of multidisciplinary teams to build prototypes, products and then start-ups targeting the global games industry. 

DevLAB – on the spring 2016 focus points are the health /wellness and energy/environment industries and on autumn 2016 green sustainability and natural resources.

EduLAB -  focuses on the global education technology industry.

Career opportunities

The degree programme in Information Techonology gives you versatile career possibilities. After graduating students will have diverse knowledge and skills to act in software designing, product developing and as an expert in the field of information industry.

Occupational titles

The job title could be one of the following:

  • Web developer or programmer
  • Web designer
  • Web application developer
  • User interface designer
  • Project manager
  • Senior software engineer

Good education drew to Finland

Maite Alaez-Guergue´s father encouraged her to study in Finland because of Finland´s good reputation in the field of education. Spanish Maite, 18, ended up studying Information Technology at the Oulu UAS because she dreams to be a cartoonist some day.

Technology city caught attention

If Claudia Caro Valadez wants to visit her family, she has to travel at least for two days. Claudia, 24, is from Mexico, town called Mérida. She has studied information technology at Oulu UAS for two years now. How did she find a small northern town called Oulu?


There are plenty of versatile and affordable housing options available for students in the city of Oulu. Oulu University of Applied Sciences does not have student halls of residence but student housing for all degree students, both Finnish and international, is mainly provided by the local student housing organisation PSOAS, the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland.

Free time activities

The City of Oulu offers plenty of opportunities for different kind of activities from sports to nature activities and culture.