I want to start studies in the Open University of Applied Sciences. How do I proceed?

Start by registering as an Open UAS student. Depending on your interests, you can then either sign up on the courses available in the register, or contact the Open UAS campus that you’re interested studying in.

I’m currently residing abroad, but I want to start studies in the Open UAS. Is this possible?

You need to be in Finland, and in most cases able to join the studies on campus in Oulu. As the Open UAS studies don’t lead into a degree we can’t offer help in Visa applications etc.

I’m planning on applying to a degree later and want begin my studies with Open UAS. What are my options?

You can either enrol as an academic year student and start studying together with the degree students, or take individual courses, depending on your interest.

There’s a limited amount of places for the academic year students/study paths. Be sure to check further information on how to apply to a degree through Open UAS on our webpage.

If I later get into a degree, do I have to re-do my courses I’ve completed in the Open UAS?

If you’re chosen as a degree student in OUAS, your credits can be compensated, and you usually don’t have to re-do the course. However, note that if you complete Open UAS courses in a different degree, you need agree the compensations in advance with the head of the degree programme.

If you continue your studies in a different university of applied sciences, it is they who determine if your courses are compensable or not.

How do I pay for my studies?

You will receive an invoice by mail, usually after your studies have already begun. If you have any questions/concerns relating to the invoice, contact your Open UAS contact person!

The teaching schedule isn’t published in the web yet. When will I get information about the study times?

Unfortunately the exact schedules are often published later than the enrolment time ends. Students who have enrolled on the course will receive the teaching timetable via email as soon as it is available for the Open UAS contact person. You should always enrol if you’re interested in a course – if the announced schedule doesn’t suit you, you’re free to cancel your enrolment without a fee.

Do I get a certificate of the courses I’ve done?

Yes, after you’ve completed your courses you can apply for a certificate through the Open UAS registration system or by email. The certificate is usually delivered by post after a few days, or you can pick it up at the campus’ Open UAS contact person’s office.

Should you need a certificate of your courses during your studies, you can ask for a transcript of studies. This can also be delivered as a scanned version.