Oulu UAS Open University Student’s Guide 2016–2017

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Completing your studies at Open UAS

User account

You will receive a personal user ID once you start your studies. Oulu UAS’s access rights require you to change your password as soon as you receive it. If your user account does not work, please contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@oamk.fi / +358 20 611 0205.

You can access all the university's online systems with the same user account: login to computers, student intranet Oiva, e-mail, Moodle and Optima.

Students' intranet Oiva

The front page of Oiva is the desktop that corresponds to your personal student profile. Also, you can customise the desktop and intranet according to your needs. If the language in Oiva is in Finnish, you can change it to English in the top right corner by clicking the square link En.

The course work space can be found at Oiva’s main page (Active Courses > Current Courses). The courses are listed on the basis of your enrolment information. The course work space is the primary source of information regarding the course. You should visit the work space at the beginning of the studies to see the up-to-date information about the implementation of the course as well as the material related to the studies.

The teacher may use Optima or Moodle to share material and exercises instead of Oiva. The learning environments used are mentioned in Oiva or during the first classroom session. It is important that you are always present at the first classroom session.

You can login to Oiva and check user instructions for Oiva for further information.


Oulu UAS's students login to Optima with their student account.

When you login to Optima, you see a list of all the work spaces of the study modules / exercise groups / projects / etc. that your account has already been linked to. If you see no work spaces on the left side of the page, it means that your account has not been linked to any work space. Depending on the preferred signing in method of your teacher, you can either assign yourself to the work space of your choice, when the membership takes effect immediately or you can ask the teacher to add you to their work space. Check further instructions on how to use Optima.   


Moodle is one of Oulu UAS’s e-learning environments. Moodle requires you to log in with your student ID.

E-mail & OneDrive

The format of your e-mail address is studentaccount@students.oamk.fi Your e-mails are located in a Microsoft Office 365 cloud service. Login to the service on your browser. With the links in the toolbar, you can access the other MS cloud services, such as your OneDrive. You must read your Oulu UAS e-mail regularly. Teachers use e-mails to inform the students. If you primarily use some other e-mail address, you can forward your study e-mails to that address. Check out further instructions regarding the use of e-mail and Microsoft Office 365 cloud service.


Normal course exams dates are announced at the beginning of the course. If you cannot participate in the normal exam or wish to retake an exam, you may enrol in general/repeat exam. These exams are usually held once a month on each campus. Please check the dates from Student Services Office of your campus. We also offer a possibility of taking an Electronic Exam, please see the IT Services’ guide and contact your teacher about the matter.


Theory classes do not have obligatory attendance. However, at language studies, seminars and exercises attendance is usually obligatory. For more information, please ask the lecturer of the course.

Grading methods and grades

The assessment regulations of Oulu University of Applied Sciences are applied to grading the completed courses. The assessment is either numeric on a scale of 0 to 5 or verbal on a scale of fail or pass. Students taking Open University studies must complete the study attainments required for a course by the end of the semester following the end of the course.

As a student of the Open University of Applied Sciences, you can raise a grade of a failed course without an extra fee. You can raise a grade of an approved course once. If you wish to raise your grade, you must do so during the next term following the end of the course at the latest.

Teachers mark the grades within three weeks of evaluation/deadline. You can view your grades in Oiva or ask about them from the Open UAS contact person.

The extent of the studies

Your studies are measured with credits (cr). The credits describe the workload, which is demanded from students to complete the course. One credit corresponds approximately to 27 hours of work.

Transcripts of records and other certificates

Upon request, the Open UAS contact person can write official statements of studies, for example, to the TE services. You can also ask for a transcript of records when your studies are still under way. The transcript lists the courses you have already completed and serves as an unofficial certificate, stating the scope of the courses and the grades.

Requesting the certificate after completing the studies

After completing all of your studies at the Open UAS, you can request the certificate by e-mailing avoin@oamk.fi. The certificate will be delivered by post or you can pick it up from the Open UAS contact person if so agreed beforehand. Please note that the study fee must be paid before receiving the certificate.