Teacher Education Program (2017)

Programme include studies of vocational pedagogy, basic studies in pedagogy and a pedagogical development cycle, studied in LAB teams. The LAB-phase incorporates teaching practice in addition to other studies supporting the development of competence. The studies require regular working online. The contact days and the LAB phase take place in Oulu. 

Language of instruction: English
Number of credits: 60 ECTS credits
Qualification: Finnish pedagogical teaching qualification
Application deadline: January 2018
Note: Teacher education process is pre planned for a period of one year, but the students have up to 3 years to complete the 60 credit teacher programme

Forms of study

  • The students (15) are selected separately only from those who have applied specifically to this group. The applicant’s field of study does not affect the selection.
  • The studies are entirely in English. The students must possess good oral and written English language skills.
  • The programme combines different learning environments and multiform methods: contact teaching, group work, e-learning, teaching practice in an educational institution, and digital learning solutions.
  • Studies begin with an orientation and assessment period that takes place in Oulu. Based on this period, the students and their tutors will prepare a personal study plan (PSP).
  • The programme is implemented online and it focuses on collaborative learning in small groups. Students teach online. The groups plan the teaching independently in groups during the time between the e-learning sessions.
  • Online study requires commitment and taking responsibility for active participation in group work. Studying requires good basic ICT skills, and the ability to actively work in different learning environments.
  • In online studies the tutors and students use a variety of digital learning solutions and social media.
  • Participation in an online programme requires the student to have the applicable IT equipment and software for virtual study.
  • The studies are planned so that they can be completed in one academic year. However, the student can use 1-3 years to finish the programme. In the English programme the students can attend a pedagogical product development phase that will be implemented in the multi-professional LAB-teams of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. 



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