Studies in academic year 2017-2018

Vocational Teacher Education studies consist of 60 credits: Orientation to competence based teacher education (5 cr), Competence in vocational pedagogy (34 cr), Competence in the basics of educational science (10 cr) and Other competence in vocational pedagogy (6 cr).

Teacher education programme 2017-2018

Teacher education programme is for gaining a teacher qualification. The students’ prior experience, skill level and study path requirements are determined in a starting level assessment. Multiform studies consist mostly of network-based learning. Most of the studies consist of mobile and eLearning. The core areas of the programme are professional pedagogics and virtual workshops emphasizing social media and entrepreneurship. The progress and contents of the vocational education are the same as with the equivalent Finnish teacher programmes.



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Studies and timetable 2017 - 2018

Timetable of the Teacher Education Programme 2017-2018


Vocational teacher education provides the instruction and guidance to develop the student’s skills in accordance with the learning objectives and core content of pedagogical studies. Prior learning is recognized and acknowledged comprehensively in accordance to the set learning outcomes.

The English program includes a LAB module, which is a team based product development phase designed to incorporate teaching practice and other studies to enhance the student’s educational competence.

Study counselling

Your will receive guidance during your studies with us. You can turn to the Student Affairs Services or your tutor if you need advice or guidance or just want to talk about your studies.

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