Student benefit

Financial Aid for Finnish Students

Finnish students at the University of Applied Sciences can apply for student benefit. Student benefit may be granted to a person who has been accepted as a student at a university of applied sciences and who is studying full-time and is in need of financial support. Student benefit is made up of two alternative benefit systems: student benefit (student grant, housing allowance, government guarantee for a study loan) and adult education subsidy. Student benefit is granted and paid by Kela - the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. The adult education subsidy is granted by the Education Fund.

The Oulu University of Applied Sciences has a Financial Aid Committee which monitors students' progress and issues statements to the Kela Student Benefit Centre about the progress of students' studies.

Further information is available from Student Affairs Offices or the Financial Aid Committee, tel. +358 10 27 21034.

Financial Aid for Foreign Students

Foreign citizens can get financial help with studies from the Finnish state if they have had a valid residence permit and have lived in Finland at least two years for some purpose other than studies, and their residence in Finland is considered to be permanent. Even if a foreign student has been in Finland for less than two years, he/she may qualify for student financial aid if he/she e.g. is a refugee or emigrant. Nationals of EU and EEA Member States can get help with studies that are closely related to their work or if they have become involuntarily unemployed. The family members of employees covered by the EEA Agreement can also get financial assistance with their studies in the same way as Finnish citizens.

Further information on students’ financial aid is available on the following Web site of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland KELA:

Oulu UAS does not have a scholarship fund.