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European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

European Credit Transfer System provides higher education institutions with a practical tool for academic recognition. It creates transparency to curricular structures and contents of different higher education institutions and makes it easier to transfer study attainments and grades from one institution to another.

The page About ECTS provides you with information about the history of ECTS and also useful general information about ECTS such as grading scales, forms and co-ordinators.

The pages under Information Packages are divided into 4 main sections. The first section is a general introduction into Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The section also gives you valuable information about coming to Finland and Finnish daily life. The second section covers the schools of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. It gives a general description of all schools and describes the degree programmes at the school in question. In the third section you will find all degree programmes of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. By clicking "structure" next to a degree programme its curriculum table will be displayed and by clicking "description" a short description of the programme will be displayed. The fourth section is a course search, which enables you to search for courses taught in English and English descriptions of courses taught in Finnish.