Bicycles and Oulu

Welcome to the Biker's Paradise?


It is said (or at least we Finns say) that Oulu is a really good city for cycling. We have good infrastructure and the landscape is quite flat. Cycling is also a nice and economical way to get from place to place and to get to know Oulu.

In fact, Oulu has the most extensive bike and walkway network in Finland (ca 500 km!). You can basically get everywhere by bike, and the distances aren’t too bad, either. From the Tourist Information you can pick up your own copy of the Cycling path brochure and Cycling path map.

Where to get a bike of your own?

A bike store

You can of course buy yourself a totally new bike, but there are also many bike stores that sell second hand bikes as well. The prices can go from 20€ to 100€, so you should keep your eyes open.

Here are some bike stores for you to try:

Suomen polkupyörätukku

Taka-Lyötynaukio 4 Map
90150 OULU

Pyörä-Suvala Ky

Saaristonkatu 27 Map
90100 Oulu
tel. 08 375467


Lekatie 2 Map
90150 Oulu
tel. 08 338175

Jussin Pyöräpiste

Valtatie 49 Map
90500 Oulu
tel. 08 554 2983

There are also other places where you can look for second hand bikes. For example some bigger jumble sales and the Recycling centre have them on sale.

Before you hop on your bike:

You have to have a lamp in the front of your bike if you cycle in the dark (you can get a fine if you don't have it).

You also need a helmet. You don't get a fine from the police, but they can give you a notice about it. It is also good for your health to wear a helmet.

If you cycle during autumn, beware of the "black ice", which looks like wet asphalt, but actually is really slippery ice.

If you ride your bike during winter, it might be a good investment to buy studded tyres, "nastarenkaat"(at cheapest they cost about 20€ per wheel).