Where to hang out?

There are many ways to spend a nice summer day in Oulu. You can just hang out or have some real activity. Either way, in Oulu there are many places that are worth visiting. Here are some of them:

Kuusisaari Map

During the summer there are all sorts of happenings at Kuusisaari, like Qstock and in the spring time the visiting amusement park. At Kuusisaari you can go to Kuusisaari restaurant and enjoy few pints or just lay down to its small beach and play beach volley.

Ainola park Map

Ainolan puisto is a perfect place for a picnic or just to spend a warm summer day. It's like a large English garden with its water elements, big lawns and high trees. There are several small brooks and small wooden bridges going over them. There is also a large children's playground, a café and greenhouses.

Nallikari Map

Nallikari is the actual seaside beach of Oulu. It has a long beach of white sand and a beach volley net. You can also play minigolf, rent a bike or just lay in the sun and swim in the sea.

There is also a camping area in Nallikari. You can go there camping with friends. A place for a tent is 7€ and the rent of a camping cottage is 34€ from 14.00 to 12.00. The prices are quite reasonable, and it is a beautiful place to spend a night.

In Nallikari there is also a spa hotel Eden Map, where you can bathe and have all sort of treatments. Eden's English webpage

Torinranta (Marketplace) Map

The market place of Oulu is situated right on the sea shore. During the year there are many market happenings there, but Oulu's market is a nice place to spend time even when there is no real action.

The over hundred-year-old, market hall is a place where you must visit. There are butcher shops and fish sellers and all kinds of lovely boutiques. You should also visit the old storehouses which are now turned in to shops and cafes.

In the winter the market place is turned in to an ice skating rink.