Where to eat

Kaenkky.com is a useful site where you can find most of Oulu's restaurants and fast food places, their opening hours and reviews about them. Unfortunately it's only available in Finnish. But here's a little guide how to use it anyway:

Kaenkky.com guide

If you want something more expensive and luxuryous, here are some of the Oulu's finer restaurants.

Ravintola Pannu

Kauppurienkatu 12 Map
tel. +3588 8151 600

The best pan pizzas of Oulu, but the service is really slow. Prices are not too high, but higher that in an ordinary pizzeria. You can get a dish with about 10€, but more likely with about 15€.

Ravintola Crecian

Kirkkokatu 55 Map
+3588 311 1555

Grecian is a Mediterranean restaurant that sells fine Greece food. The service is good and polite, but prices are bit high for students. The dishes are about 15-25€. The price is still worth of paying for. The food is excellent. This is a restaurant for special occasions.

Välimeren ravintola Olimpos

Pakkahuoneenkatu 7 Map
tel. +3588 311 3941

Mediterranean restaurant, that serves dishes from the whole area of Mediterranean. The service is really good and so is the food. Prices go from 10€ to over 20€, but you can get nice meal with under 10€.

Istanbul Oriental

Kauppurienkatu 11 Map
tel. +3588 311 2922

Istanbul Oriental is a Turkish restaurant. Service is really kind. You can have a dish with under 15€.

You can find their English menu here:


Pakkahuoneenkatu 16 Map
tel. +3588 312 3111

Fransmanni has a French style kitchen spiced up with Finnish flavours. Service is polite and the prices go from 10€ to over 20€.

You can find their English menu here:


Isokatu 24 Map
tel. +3588 312 3500

Torrero is a part of a restaurant chain. It sells Spanish type of food, like tapas. The prices go from under 10€ to well over 20€.

You can find their English menu here:


Isokatu 24 Map
tel: +3588 312 3300

Rosso is a part of a restaurant chain. It is quite a basic restaurant and it is easy to find a dish you want to eat with 10-15€.

You can find their English menu here:

Ravintola Marrakech

Kirkkokatu 55 Map
90100 Oulu
tel. 08 - 311 9113

If you're up to Moroccan food, this is your place. Really generous portions and nice atmosphere. Prices range around 12 - 26 EUR for main courses.