How much do the goods cost?

Food basket

Compared to many countries, Finland is a bit more expensive to live in. It is hard to say how much does a person spend money in groceries, but we made a small exam: We collected a food basket in some groceries in Oulu. In the basket there were every say goods like coffee, tea, bread, milk, apples and so on. There where thirteen products in the basket, and the average cost was around 15€. So, it is well possible to manage with 15€, but nicer to have something like 20€ if you go to low-budget shopping for goods.

Per kilo or piece?

In groceries there are two ways to label products: to give a price for one piece (normally with breads and cans and stuff like that) and the price in weight (€/kg). If you are buying products priced by weight, you have to take the amount you want and then weigh it to get the actual price you will have to pay.

In every label there is also the price of the kilo marked.

Money, money

The smallest coin in use in Finland is a five cent. The stores should accept also one and two cent coins, but all of them do not.