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More than just a job
Extra found out what does it take to build up your own business if you are not originally Finnish.


Ice, sunshine, smiles and a couple of fish
Ice fishing, or "pilkkiminen", is a popular Finnish leisure activity.


Zombies take over Oulu
The Rotuaari pedestrian street was invaded by a horde of the living dead.


Big city girl, small town dreams
Oulu is the sixth biggest city in Finland. Compared to metropolises though, it is more like a village.


See the wood for the trees
Forest in the autumn is a beautiful and silent place, full of healthy delicacies.


Small town full of ethnic restaurants
Despite being a small city, Oulu offers a large number of ethnic restaurants. Pick your choice from the list!


What is the most Finnish thing in Finland?
Usually the top three Finnish things are Sauna, Sisu and Salmiakki. What do Frence and Italian exchange students think?


Energy from the snow
Karolina Trojanowska came to Oulu to feel the coldness.


Don't let Finland surprise you
There are many things for the exchange students to remember to take care before travelling to Finland.


PoroFeria – flamenco, fun and fierce reindeers
In the PoroFeria festival the most northern and southern cultures of Europe meet each other.


Ordinary things upside down
Doors open in a wrong way, the temperature is freezing and you do not know how to turn the water tap on. Here are some of the Finnish odd habits.


One more and then the checking
Oulu is full of different kinds of cafés, bistros, and pubs sit and spend some time in.


From dark to light: Four seasons in Oulu
Nature in Oulu varies all the time. If you start your studies in autumn, the city will look totally different after a few months.


Tour de Oulu
And on the right hand you can see the City Hall.


Asphalt and grass, hand in hand
The city of Oulu is known for the closeness of nature and the tiny centre containing things worth seeing.


Raahe - at first there was the sea
Raahe is the home of Raahe School of Engineering and Business. It is a peaceful town with about 23 000 residents and plenty of opportunities to stay active.


The culture city Oulu
Oulu didn’t quite make it to be the cultural capital of Europe for the year 2011. Even if another city in Finland got the post there is plenty of culture to explore in Oulu. Here’s only a peep into it.


Glass of milk, please
What is Finland like to someone who has lived here only for one month?


A very brief history of Oulu
Oulu was founded about 400 years ago. What has happened since?


More trees than people
Finland is known as the land of forests and lakes. Due to Finland's scarce population one can enjoy the diversity of nature and the real wilderness quite easily. Nowadays nature especially in Lapland has become a growing attraction for tourists.


Folktales colour night sky
In Finland winter is long and dark. Many foreigners say that the long winter is a shock. But there is something beautiful in those frostbitten nights.


Finnish Education System
In Finland education is highly valued and the high standard of education forms one of the corner-stones of the Finnish national strategy of developing the country as an information society.


On the bright side of life in Finland
Ana Aranda Gonzales has lived in Finland for three years now. She moved to Oulu from Spain with her finnish boyfriend, currently her husband.


There is no bad weather, only bad clothing
Winter is the longest season in Finland. It lasts from about 100 days in the Southwestern Finland to 200 days in Lapland. Students from warm countries can cope with coldness very well in Oulu.

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