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Student union – a foreign student's best friend
The student union OSAKO will lend an ear and take action if needed.


Culture shock
Culture shock is a common way to describe the confusing and nervous feelings a person may have after leaving a familiar culture


Piece of cake as an easy wiener
What is in common between cake and wiener or bull and bellybutton?


Delicacies from far away
Does Finnish food bore you? Or maybe you want to cook some luscious and ethnic dishes for your new friends?


What to do when things go wrong?
Even in a rather safe country like Finlad, things can sometimes go wrong.


How to survive through ice cold wintertime
Is it freezing out there? No worries. These tips should help you to keep warm in Oulu’s windy, snowy and cold weather.


Where to go, what to do in Oulu?
Internet helps foreign students to familiarise themselves with their new hometown Oulu.


Keeping in touch
Feeling a bit home sick? Many exchange students might very well feel that way since they are far from home. Luckily there are ways to cope with the distance by using the modern communications technology.


Just dare to come along
Evangelical-Lutheran parishes of Oulu offers for students’ activities, pastoral care and support.


Keeping busy by taking care
The School of Business and Information Management is probably the most international school of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Exchange students come and go and they all get to know the international co-ordinator handling their matters.


Attractive attractions of north
Ice, snow, Santa Claus, beautiful nature and so much more to explore and experience.


Are you having a student affair?
There are many kinds of practical matters concerning the studies that students need to take care of. Luckily the answer to almost every problem can be found from one place.


Examining the entrance examination
The existence of the entrance exam when applying for UAS is self-evident, but what if you are applying from China?


Health care cares
The worst situation in a foreign country is to get sick. Where can I see the doctor? How do I get there? And do they speak English? Do not worry, we take care of you.


Tutor is exchange student’s best friend
Tutors are exchange students’ guides for a new country and culture. They are like guardian angels who know where the best parties are. So you can relax because you are in good hands.

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