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International scholarship dream - Part two
Read about the experiences of two international students in Finland.


Experiences about the Intercultural Competencies course
FInd out what the intercultural skills course in the School of Engineering was like for three international degree students.


International scholarship dream
Read about the experiences of two international students in Finland.


The world comes to Oulu
The international teacher exchange week took place between 17 and 21 March at the School of Engineering of Oulu UAS.


"Interprofessionalism is more than a way of working – it is a way of thinking"
An international group of students of different study fields are clearing within a week an imaginary patient's case based on brief basic data.


Guests share their knowledge of the working life
Teacher Outi Sutinen wishes even more international visitors to come and teach in the school.


Following your passion
Student exchange is a great opportunity to deepen the knowledge and skills you have in your own profession.


Prepare for the Unexpected
I spend five months in London as an exchange student via the Erasmus program.


Towards new challenges
Katja Findlay found the Degree Programme in International Business when she was looking to broaden her set of professional skills.


A world of options
Sonja Kukkula was attracted to business information technology because of her interest in computers and the opportunity to study in English.


International Business
Oulu UAS is now accepting applications for the English language programme in International Business.


The world gets more interesting by making new friends
William Wambua from Kenya came to Oulu to study business and information technology


Friends for life
Studying abroad has many benefits, including great new friends


BITs of Learning
Oulu UAS is now accepting applications for the international Business Information Technology programme.


Online in Finland
Harrison Oriehi studies information technology in Oulu UAS.


Two in One
Oulu UAS and Neu Ulm UAS offer in co-operation a possibility to complete an international double degree.


2 degrees and 2 countries in 3.5 years
This spring the students of two degree programmes may apply for a double degree programme.


A long way from home - and loving it
Olaleken Owolabi and Oluwaseyi Banjo are experiencing the first winter of their lives in Oulu.


The quality of education brought Nadja to Finland
Good teaching and not so far away from home, thought Nadja Prokopenko when she moved to Finland.


"Studying at Oulu was amazing"
Melinda Tembo says that studying in Oulu was amazing and that Oulu is a wonderful city.


Potatoes, warm boots and shy people
It took a 26-hour flight to get in Oulu for the Brazilian exchange student Artur Teixeira, but it seems to be worth it.


Precious Finland
The land of the free education is not that free when it comes to living costs.


Great expectations
Merih Arikkök will head to Poland for his studies abroad.


Friendly people soften the culture shock
21 years old Mio Masuda came to Finland from Japan to study computer programming and graphical design.


How about coming back to Finland after your Erasmus?
Romanian Alex Vilciu is doing his practical training in Oulu and has decided to get the most out of it.


Living a social life
Chris Betts is helping Oulu University of Applied Sciences to be more social.


Multicultural opportunities
Degree Programme in Information Technology offers students multicultural and practical opportunities.


World-wide education
Before arriving to a new country, it is useful to know at least something about the local education system.


Finland: a fairly American country?
William Fasse moved from Massachusetts to Muhos 35 years ago.


Tandem studies – live and learn
In tandem studies a Finnish and a exchange student can meet and study together - by talking to each other.


Waste hero in the forest
Czech Jakub Sapák studies waste management and wants to utilise his experiences in his work in the future.


Freedom in selecting your studies
In the curriculum there are many alternative and free choice studies, which can be selected from a variety of subjects.


Relaxation through flower arrangement
In the School of Renewable Natural Resources one can find the limits of own creativity.


The Raahe campus combines new and old
In the curriculum there are many alternative and free choice studies, which can be selected from a variety of subjects.


UArctic Ezine starts for the very first time in the world
UArctic Ezine has never been published before, but nine exchange students and three Finnish tutors will do that in a few weeks from now.


Mythbusters in action at the laboratories of the School of Engineering
Interested in making spirits or tuning race cars? Try the laboratories in the School of Engineering.


In a fugue at the Laboratory
What are the students of Laboratory Sciences doing in their practical training courses?


Gaining an understanding of the revolutions in engineering
The students of School of Engineering have a passion for the profound knowledge of cutting edge technology.


Gothic Nordic countries
International Business student Pi Shangyu came after her passion for the Nordic countries and gothic music.


Physiotherapy in practise
Physiotherapy students Martynas and Indre are doing their practical training in Finland.


Studying software: How to become a professional?
Read what software designers think about their jobs.


Ede has many reasons to like Raahe. Read what he tells about his studies!


Practical training is the best part of studies
Liang Jie and Fu Yong have successfully combined studying and working.


Mastering the wireless communication
The Master’s Degree Programme in Information Technology leads to a new higher education degree in communications engineering.


Open UAS opens doors
Not in a school yet? Assure that you get in school by open university studies.


Bye Bye Finland
Three months have gone and it is time to go back home. Bye bye Finland!


Luck and success go hand in hand
Vadym Kramar was hired already during his studies. He studied in the Degree Programme in Information Technology in Raahe and now, after graduating, is still working for the same company that hired him years ago.


It is a conspiracy

Do not trust that your comfortable life will go on, because they are intriguing something for you.


The intercultural language of music
- International co-operation has always been a focus point for us in Oulu UAS, says Jouko Tötterström


DIME exhibition sums up the Digital Media and
Multi-Broadcasting course

Tourists are disappointed: the northern lights are actually made with lasers! And there are movies projected on hot-air balloons. It is a DIME exhibition time!


A, b, c, d, e, mouth, g
Studying Finnish language and culture at Oulu University of Applied Sciences goes with a swing. In those lessons even the alphabet might get a new meaning.


Studies in full flow
A first year student Per “Pelle” Möller feels very comfortable with his studies in Oulu University of Applied Sciences. After only few months experience of studying in Degree Programme in Business Information Technology he has no problems organizing his s


Doing the intercultural
Andrew Atkins isn't necessarily a stereotypical student. He's studying horticulture at the School of Renewable Natural Resources even though he's Scottish and the study programme is held in Finnish.


From Down Under to up here
Australian Jussi (Joshua) Schultink came to Finland in 2005. Now Jussi studies in Oulu University of Applied Sciences in the Degree Programme in International Business. He is keen on Finnish teaching methods and long summer nights. Jussi advises people wh


Circumpolar Studies widen the perspective
Circumpolar Studies is an interesting way to learn about north, thinks Ulrike Nitschke an exchange student at Oulu UAS.


Dare to spread your wings
Practical training abroad? It does sound scary but people have been there and done that so it must be a potential opportunity.


Straight from London Zoo
The classroom at the University of Applied Sciences' campus of Raahe is filled with students from different cultures. Lecturer Dave Bradburn is observing carefully as the students carry out their final test.


Jiri said yes to English - in Finland
Two years ago Jiri Kähtävä started studying in Oulu University of Applied Sciences. His dream about studying in English came true nearer than behind the sea. Oulu UAS offered an opportunity to take an international degree in his own hometown.

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