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"Studying at Oulu was amazing"

Text: Liisa Louhisalmi Photo: Melinda Tembo

Melinda Tembo studied in the Degree Programme in International Business at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. She graduated in May 2010. According to Melinda Oulu provides a very good learning environment.

Melinda Tembo studied business international business in Oulu UAS and her future plan is to work in an international organization.

- Studying in Oulu was amazing. Oulu is a wonderful city. In particular it provides a very good learning environment. Internationally, Oulu has a good reputation for being multicultural, Melinda Tembo says.

When Melinda came to Oulu she was fascinated about the snow.

- I like the snow in winter, though not the cold. It looks so amazing!

As a new student she noticed that meeting new people was quite challenging. She felt that it was not easy to adapt to a new culture.

- But the people are very international and friendly. You know, when you do not live in a big city, people are close and they treat each other like family. It’s like you know everybody, Melinda says.

From Zambia to Finland

Originally from Zambia, this young lady came to Finland in 2006. Soon she started her studies at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

- I studied there for two years, but later I transferred to Oulu. I graduated from the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in May 2010.

Melinda enjoyed studying in Oulu a lot. She says that her main goal was to learn new things in the field of business.

- Studying in Oulu exposed me to a wide variety of experiences and knowledge, and it gave me a great appreciation for that. I consider my experience at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences a successful one, because it increased my ability to work harder for my future.

More studying in the future

In Oulu, Melinda studied international business. She enjoyed all the courses she took.

- I was surrounded by great lectures. I liked all my classes, and truly enjoyed the intercultural class, because it helped me to understand and integrate with different cultures. I also liked computer classes, because it was very challenging for me as a business student to study with information technology students.

After Melinda graduated, she moved to Espoo. Now she is planning to continue her studies with international business or finance.

- Unfortunately, l am not working at the moment, but I would like to further my studies next year. I believe a master’s degree would provide me with great career opportunities and put me in a strong position. I would like to study at the Oulu University, but l am also interested in studying at Aalto University School of Economics. My aim is to work in an international organization after my studies, Melinda concludes.
You can find specific information and how to apply from the Studies and Applying section of Oulu UAS website.

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