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Health care cares

Text and photos: Susanna Siironen

The worst situation in a foreign country is to get sick. Where can I see the doctor? How do I get there? And do they speak English? Do not worry, we take care of you.

Accident: Students’ health care is closed on weekends. So if an accident happens then, you have to go to the Oulu University Hospital’s (OYS) emergency room.

Students’ health care is closed on weekends. If an accident happens, go to the Oulu University Hospital’s (OYS) emergency room.

In Finland and Oulu students have their own health care. Also foreign students and exchange students get this service. The City of Oulu provides health care for students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Well, that is good to know, but what should you exactly do if you get sick?

If you for example get a flu which will not go away and you think you need medicine then you should go to students’ health care. Before you may go there, you should make an appointment. You’ll find the telephone number of students’ health care clinic from webpage of the City of Oulu.

Service manager Kaarina Pajulampi from students’ health care tells that foreign students do not need to do anything special when they come to the clinic.

- Foreign students get the same care as Finns and foreign students are served in English. If a patient speaks some other language than English he should tell that while he is making an appointment. That way we can for example try to get an interpreter to the clinic.

You should be quick in making an appointment. The clinic opens every working day at 8 a.m. so the first thing to do in the morning is to call there.

Treatment for all

Students’ health care is meant for students who study in Finland for at least 4 months.

- For students who study long in Finland we offer free physical examination. Of course we also serve students who stay in Finland for less than 4 months if there is for example an acute illness, Kaarina tells. So exchange students do not need to worry either.

The student health care clinic is in Kontinkangas. That is about three kilometres from the centre. Students’ health care is not free, but the cost is not high. One visit costs 11 euros for the three first visits to a doctor per calendar year. But always remember to use your appointment because an appointment which you have not cancelled will cost you 27 euros.

In Finland medicines are sold in pharmacies. So, when you get a prescription from your physician, just walk to the nearest pharmacy to get your medicine. Mild medicines like painkillers are sold without prescription.

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