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DIME exhibition sums up the Digital Media and
Multi-Broadcasting course

Text: Annika Lamberg

Tourists are disappointed: the northern lights are actually made with lasers! And there are movies projected on hot-air balloons. It is a DIME exhibition time!

The hot-air balloons fly in a fictive world in a 3D animation and the tourists have their adventure in a radio play. Both of these are student works from the professional specialisations studies in Digital Media and Multi-Broadcasting of Oulu University of Applied Sciences and they are on display in the DIME exhibition. There are also photographs, web pages, short films etc. on view.

Two students of the course, Bartosz Bak and Tomasz Chmielewski from Poland, have put the DIME exhibition together.

- It was a tough two weeks we had before the exhibition. It took a lot more organising than we thought, Bartosz sighs, but ads right a way.
- But we truly appreciate this chance to build it up.

Professional skills on display

The boys had never before built an exhibition. But with this experience, building another one in the future will be a lot easier.

- We made choices on what should be taken into the exhibition. We wanted to show professionalism and tried to pick those works that are from students’ actual study fields and probable future field of work, Bartosz and Tomasz tell.

Putting together the DIME exhibition is Bartosz and Tomasz’s main final work for the course. Tomasz also did the DIME information web site with one other student.

- The web layout is visually connected with DIME exhibition and I used blue and white, the colours of information, Tomasz tells about his work.

From Bartosz there are three internet advertisement banners in the exhibition. They advertise Poland.

- I wanted to bring these banners in to the exhibition because everyone tries to avoid advertisements normally. Here they are to be looked at, Bartosz tells.

Diverse course content

The works in the exhibition show students’ different backgrounds and different interests. And all of these fields have actually been studied in the course. 30 ECTS course is divided into two basic focus areas: multimedia and Internet environment.

Teachers come from different countries. Bartosz and Tomasz tell that for example in photography course they had a great Slovakian teacher.

Boys think that in general students are satisfied with the course.

- For me it was very useful. Even if I wouldn’t be working with all of these things in the future, it is good to know also about them, Bartosz says.

In addition to learning in the course, students now know people from other countries who they will probably do some co-operation with in the future.

- And now it’s easier to make the contact. I strongly recommend this course to everyone, Bartosz says.
You can find specific information and how to apply from the Studies and Applying section of Oulu UAS website.

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