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Examining the entrance examination

Text: Laura Myllykoski Photos: Milan Kolarovic

Basically in every university in Finland there's an entrance examination and that goes for Oulu University of Applied Sciences, too. But what about when you are applying for a degree programme that is held in English, or if you are an overseas applicant?

There's no need to become desperate when preparing for the exam; the material needed is usually handed out during the exam itself.

There's no need to become desperate when preparing for the exam; all the material is usually handed out during the exam.

The application period for the degree programmes in Oulu UAS has started and the officials of the university are getting ready to receive hundreds and hundreds of applications from not only all over Finland but all over the world as well.

Earlier education does count

The degree programmes in Oulu UAS admit 50% of the students based on their overall points from earlier school performance and from the entrance exam. The other 50% of students are admitted based only on their success in the entrance exam.

The earlier school performance points are calculated from certain school certificates that the applicant must have. Finnish applicants must have a leaving certificate from a Finnish upper secondary school or a Finnish Matriculation examination certificate, preferably both of them. If the applicant in question went to a vocational upper secondary school, he must have a graduation diploma from there.

The overseas applicants have to have certificates or diplomas that are equivalent to the mentioned Finnish ones. Those can be for example International Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate or Reifeprüfung examination certificates.

In the application phase foreigners and those applying with vocational education must present a copy of their certificates. The original certificates must be presented upon the start of studies.

Reaching the applicants

The exam itself tests both the logical thinking of the applicant and the English skills. After all, one who doesn't know enough English simply can not study in these programmes. The exam will take about three hours and the applicants can't prepare themselves for it except by sucking in the common knowledge concerning the subject they are applying for.

As there are applicants even from Asian and African countries, the overseas applicants aren't always assumed to travel to Oulu just to take the test. The Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Network for East and Southeast Asia organise a similar test for the applicants in their own countries and delivers exam papers back to Oulu. In some countries that aren't part of this co-operation there is a possibility to take the exam in a Finnish embassy at the same time as the exam is held in Finland.

It is perhaps unnecessary to note that the whole procedure of organising exams in different countries and delivering them back to Oulu is quite a hullabaloo. Still there have never been any major problems and almost everything has gone as planned. Well, once when trying to fax an exam to Africa the officials in Finland just got the response that the faxes aren't working at the moment because of the ongoing monsoon. But the email saved the day and even that quite unexpected problem was solved.

You can find specific information and how to apply from the Studies and Applying section of Oulu UAS website.