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Are you having a student affair?

Text: Annika Lamberg Picture: Mira Torvinen-Määttä

There are many kinds of practical matters concerning the studies that students need to take care of. Luckily the answer to almost every problem can be found from one place.

The Student Affairs Office is the place where students attend to almost everything concerning practical and administrational matters of studies.

- IT Services are basically the only thing that does not belong to us, tells Anna Kolehmainen, a Student Affairs Secretary in the School of Business and Information Management.
- Our job is mainly advising and guiding students.

From a Student Affairs Office students get different certificates related to their studies, for example an enrolment certificate. All the insurance matters related to studies and meal subsidy cards can be taken care of in the Student Affairs Office, just to give a few examples.

- Quite a lot of our working time goes to advising students in their study grants and how to apply for it in different situations of life, Anna tells.

All questions answered

Foreign degree students ask often questions about life and studying in Finland in general. Even the study affairs officials cannot answer all the questions. But they try to help students also in those matters that do not belong to the Study Affairs Office.

- We advise in all kinds of general questions here. Sometimes students ask for the bus timetables, Anna tells.

Tax deduction card was asked once too, but with that they were not able to help in the Student Affairs Office. But when officials cannot help, they will tell whom to turn to.

The most challenging situation for the secretaries of students affairs is when a student from abroad comes to Finland but doesn’t have an apartment.

- It terrifies me when someone comes with all the luggage into the office and says that he doesn’t have a place to stay. All the matters concerning the studies can be handled here when arriving, but the apartment should be taken care of before leaving for Finland, Anna says.

Exchange students personal helper

In each school of Oulu UAS there is an international co-ordinator who helps exchange students with almost all the things concerning their studies.

- Piritta Nätynki is the contact person for the exchange students in the School of Business and Information Management. She gives lots of instructions for the students already before they arrive in Finland, Anna knows.
- But of course we help every student here in the Student Affairs Office if it is possible. And some things like lockers and resit matters also the exchange students can take care of only here, Anna says.
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You can find specific information and how to apply from the Studies and Applying section of Oulu UAS website.