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It is a conspiracy

Text: Susanna Siironen

It strikes you when you least expect it. You have happily studied for three years. You have got many new friends and your life is just brilliant. But then one day you will realise it. You have fallen for it. During these three years lecturers have not given you any clues of what is ahead.

Do you already guess what I am talking about? After three years of hard study you will get your prize. You are almost finished your studies and it is time to start the Bachlor’s Thesis! You may say goodbye to your social life, to easy courses and free schedule. Thesis means hard work and sleepless nights.

Step 1

First you have to make up the theme of your Bachelor’s Thesis. This is the funniest part. You may discern that every subject in the world has already been used. So now you have to make up your own personal point of view to some old theme.

This means reading old theses. You may try to ask your friends if they have any ideas, but you may see that they could not care less about your Bachelor’s Thesis. And that is of course because they are all in the same situation. Everyone does have to fend for himself.

At this point you’ll have some sleepless nights and you still go out with your friends.

Step 2

So now you have chosen your theme. Maybe you found it from the internet or you stole it from your friend (at this point ex-friend). Anyhow now it is time to start the real work. You have to start to write your Bachelor’s Thesis. Before that you will need the background information and you have to read dozens of books and interview specialists.

This is not the easy part of the work. You may realise that your idea will not work. And then you have to go back to the square one. After few weeks of hard working you will realise that you have not slept for one week and you do not even know when you have taken a shower.

You think that this is not normal and you run to the shower. After that you try to remember what was the name of that guy you had coffee with in your former life.

Step 3

At this point you should be ready. You have analysed, interpreted and developed your subject. Tired but happy you return your Bachelor’s Thesis to the teachers. After that you may go back to your apartment. You sit there and you notice that you have not cleaned for four months, you do not remember your friends name anymore and your mom and dad think that you are dead.

Congratulations! Your diploma work is now ready, so you won the game!

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