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Tour de Oulu

Text: Susanna Siironen Photos: Pekka Kallasaari

Oulu UAS offers an Oulu tour that introduces Oulu´s history and important places for exchange students. After this tour the students have seen the beautiful Nallikari beach, the great spillway bridges of Oulu River and they know who founded the City of Oulu.

Elzbieta Pyrzyk (left) and Karolina Trojanonska are both from Poland. I knew about Finland for example Nokia and Santa Claus before I came here, Elzbieta tells.

Students have arrived in Oulu a few days ago and Oulu has already shown its face to them.

– My first impression was that this is a cold place, Karolina Trojanowska laughs.

She comes from Poland and studies in the School of Business and Information Management.

Oulu tour bus passes Oulu’s famous market hall. In the front part of the bus the guide Sami Niemelä tells market hall’s history. Karolina says that she has already read some of these things.

– But this is a great event for those who do not know about these things. I think it is good for everyone who lives in Oulu to know about these places.

Oulu is good but cold places, Rui Trepado (right) thinks. He arrived from Portugal just few days ago. On the left Nadia Radchenko and Martin Schratz.


Karolina tells that it was quite an adventure when she arrived in Oulu. She had had a misunderstanding with her tutor, who thought that she would arrive on another day. So when Karolina reached Oulu, there was no-one waiting for her.

– I was alone in the airport and I had to try to get through to the city all by myself. Everybody helped me and was kind to me. Even the bus driver tried to help me although he did not understand my English very well. And there happened the second mistake. Driver assumed that I am going to the University of Oulu! There I was in the wrong place and no clue where to go. Fortunately everybody helped me and finally I got to the student hostel.

Karolina has already made some notices about Finns.

– Finns do not waste energy for stupid things like smiling and speaking for no reason. For example they do not speak to the strangers in a bus. But if you ask for some help or speak to them they will answer gladly, she explains.

Plus 25 degrees

We approach Nallikari beach and every one may go out for a while.

– In front of you, you may see one of the best beaches in Finland. Now everything is white but try to imagine that there is plus 25 degrees, the guide laughs.

Boys start a snowball fight and everyone has fun. On the way home Martin Schratz says that this kind of a tour is great for the exchange students.

– It is nice and useful to see these places. And it is also good to know something about Oulu´s history.

Oulu tour is a great way to discover that the city is much more than only what you see when you go to downtown.

Martin is from Austria and he studies in the School of Engineering. He tells that he was positively surprised by Oulu.

– Dark time is not as bad as I had assumed. Our school is very modern and the food price is cheaper than in Austria. People are friendly and nightlife is just great, Martin lists Oulu’s rewards.

Let it rip

Before the tour is over students give some tips for those who are planning to come to Oulu.

– Take warm clothes with you and learn some basics of Oulu, Martin guides.
– Weather is changing all the time so you have to prepare for everything. People are helpful, but you have to make the contact with them because they will not speak first, Karolina adds.

But someone shouts maybe the most important piece of advice from the backseat.

– You do not need any advice, just come here and let it rip!
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You can find specific information and how to apply from the Studies and Applying section of Oulu UAS website.

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