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The Raahe campus combines new and old

Text: Heikki Ylipaavalniemi Photos: Tarja Sirén

Have you ever watched American youth TV programs, which describe university campuses? Lying on the grass and reading exam books with the sun overhead. A similar kind of paradise on earth you would not expect to find in Finland, but there is one in Raahe.

The campus of the Raahe School of Engineering and Business is a unique place, which combines new and old. The history of the campus extends over 100 years, during which time education was established and offered for the first time in the area. Education has continued, discounting the war years, unabated.

Presenting the campus history

Engineering and business students Juha-Matti Marjamaa, Sari Lotvonen and Jarkko Liuski have created a presentation DVD about the campus. The history of the campus will be presented in the light of interviews with those who have studied and taught at the school.

In the opinion of Sari, one of the assemblers of the DVD, what makes the Raahe campus exceptional and unique is that the location is by the sea, and yet near the city and its services.

- The architecture in the campus area is diverse and beautiful. Also nature has been kept untouched on the campus, which creates a nice atmosphere. It is easy to study on the campus since student groups are small and the teaching is diverse, says Sari.

According to the teacher overseeing the production of the DVD, Tarja Sirén, the history of the area is still alive and visible on the campus.

- The campus is located in the middle of beautiful nature close to the seashore of the Bay of Bothnia. Old wonderful architecture meets the different decades of school architecture. The campus parkland is similarly exceptional and unique.

Modern buildings respecting their older counterparts

The most current construction is represented by the BrainCenter opened in 2003, which houses a library, student adviser’s office, and cozy cafeteria. The machine engineering production studio is also new. It serves the steel and machining industry in addition to teaching at the University of Applied Sciences. Changes are also happening below ground, as the wireless network and mobile technology bring ever increasing better support to students.

The individuality of the area should not be damaged by overzealous building. The facades and gardens are under the protection of the National Board of Antiquities, with remodeling being done with respect to the old. Internal spaces are being remodeled in the near future to better respond to the demands of modern education.

Many educational institutions are included in the campus history

  • First Finnish language women teacher seminary
  • First Finnish computer science oriented technical college, Tietoteku
  • Departments of multimedia and visual media arts of the Lybecker Institute of Craft and Design
  • Office for the University of Oulu
  • Summer university

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