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Don't let Finland surprise you

Text and photo: Anni Jyrinki

Norway and Finland seem to be quite the same. But still it is not so simple to come to Oulu. For example the public transport doesn’t go over the borders and phone calls are really expensive from one country to another.

Inghild came to Finland from Norway. Even though Norway and Finland are very similar in many ways, there were many things that needed to be taken care.

Inghild Evanger Eriksen came to Oulu just a couple of days ago. She and a few of her class mates arrived here from Norway, a town called Bodø.

– We study journalism in Norway and now we came here to do some practical training. We are staying here for one month, Inghild starts her story.

From Bodø to Oulu it is about 600 kilometers. That’s even less than from Oulu to Helsinki. Inghild and her friends first thought that they would travel to Oulu by bus or train. But it seemed to be impossible. Finally they decided to drive here. It took 12 hours.

– Few boys from our class flew here. It took as much time as it took to drive by car. But it was so much more expensive. First they had to drive to Oslo, then fly from Oslo to Helsinki and finally from Helsinki to Oulu. So complicated!

Does the phone work, what is euro’s course?

Compared to Bodø Oulu seems quite a big place. Inghild noticed that because of the high buildings in Oulu.

– Otherwise cities are about the same. For example climate is very similar. That’s why we didn’t have to take any different clothes with us. But if you came here from somewhere in the south, you should be aware of the cold weather.

A Norwegian phone works in Finland, so if Inghild gets homesick it is very easy for her to call home. But a better idea is that a foreigner buys a so called prepaid subscription in Finland. Those prepaids you can buy in almost any kiosk.

– Another important thing is money. In Norway we use crowns. And in Finland you have euros. So we had to change money before coming here.
– Finland is a bit cheaper country than Norway, especially food and clothes don’t cost so much here. I really have to do some shopping during my stay in Oulu. I already bought a tripod for the camera, Inghild smiles.

Details about money, weather and things like that Inghild and her friends found out before coming to Oulu. They sent e-mail to their tutor and asked him all the important questions. That was a good way so they didn’t face any critical surprises after arriving in Oulu.

How to settle to Oulu?

During her trip here Inghild stays in Otokylä. There is hall of residents where many students live. Inghild shares her room with another girl from Norway. Room is small but contains all necessary items.

– I’m not sure how much does our room cost. Our school is paying that. The only things we had to buy were food and detergents.

For some exchange students the electricity can be a bit problematic. But Finland and Norway use same the same voltage.

– Adapters are quite cheap and you can find them in almost any supermarket, Inghild thinks and continues that everything has gone very well here so far.
– And everything is clarified when you ask, don’t be shy to open your mouth, Inghild ends her advises.

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