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Energy from the snow

Text: Susanna Siironen Photos: Pekka Kallasaari

A Young Polish girl sits in the Café Bisketti and eats ice cream.
– I really love cold. There is frost outside and I am eating ice cream, she laughs. Karolina Trojanowska, 22, came to Finland because she loves winter and winter sports. Chilly weather and snow gives Karolina energy that keeps her going.

Karolina Trojanowska, 22, came in Finland because she loves winter and winter sports. There is not fear that sport equipment would lie as unused in her room.

Speaking of the winter, cold weather and snow-drifts makes Karolina’s eyes twinkle. She came to Oulu one month ago and has enjoyed being here.

– Basically I came to Finland because I like cold more than heat. Coldness is good. For example, if you keep food on the table or alternatively in the fridge, the food last longer in the fridge. I do not know if this applies also to the people, Karolina ponders.

Winter sports

Karolina is going to be in Oulu until May. When she left from her home she packed her skates and skis into her luggage.

– My father really did not like this idea but I did it my way, she giggles.

And there is no fear that the sport equipment would lie unused in her room. Karolina tells that she loves sports and especially winter sports.

– I went skating the first time when I was two years old. When I was a child I did not have a teacher, I just watched figure skating on the TV and learnt everything that way.

Now she is teaching her younger brother and sister to skate and laughs that soon they are going to be better than her because they have a teacher that she did not have.

In Oulu Karolina has already found three nice ice rinks near the student´s hostel. In Finland almost every elementary school and secondary school has own ice rink, which are in free use at the evening time.

Karolina went skate first time when she was two years old. She did not have teacher, she just watched figure skating from the TV and learnt everything that way.

A cup of snow

Karolina has finished her ice cream and does not even look like she would be freezing. She explains that snow and winter gives her energy. Snow has the same effect on her as coffee on some other people.

– I do not drink coffee and when I wake up I would lie in bed all day, but when I look outside and there is snow I am like okay, let’s go, she tells.

Karolina says that people in Finland wonder why she is so excited about snow. She has learnt that when you see snow you have to latch on to it, because you cannot know when there is going to be snow again.

– If it is snowing in Poland the snow will not last long but melts away. And after that there is only mud everywhere. Snow is beautiful because it covers all the ugly things like grey streets and blocks of flats.

Although Karolina does not really like heat, she has tried the Finnish sauna and she liked it.

– Of course I did it the traditional Finnish way. First to sauna and after that you run into the snow.

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