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What is the most Finnish thing in Finland?

Text and photos: Aleksi Ahlakorpi

If you ask a Finnish person what is the most Finnish thing in our country, the top three answers will probably be Sauna, Sisu (guts) and Salmiakki. We asked the same question from French and Italian exchange students just to know how they see Finland. Sometimes stereotypes have strong roots in reality.

Ingrid Mareval, the West Indies (France)

– The most Finnish thing is sauna. I went to sauna in Otokylä. I think that it is a real speciality of this country.

Flavien Loizeau, France

– When I came to the swimming hall, I was surprised that everybody was naked! French people are not used to be naked in the swimming hall. You are comfortable being naked, but for me it was terrible.

Luca Bortoloni, Italy

– The most Finnish thing in Finland is the reindeer meat. I like it very much and it's impossible to find it in Italy!

Charlotte Levannier, France

– People who don't apologise. It's very annoying! In France it's quite different so it was a shock for me. I went to dance and the girls there hurt you all the time and it is very annoying.

Marco Massucco, Italy

– The way of Finnish people to solve problems in a practical way. Because here I see a different solution for example on how to keep the door open. In Italy we would find a different solution, maybe much more complicated one and here you have a very practical way to solve problems.

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