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Small town full of ethnic restaurants

Text: Riikka Pehkonen Photos: Milan Kolarovic

Despite being a small city, Oulu offers a large number of ethnic restaurants. They bring variety to the traditional pizza places and other fast food restaurants. So, if you think Finnish food is not exotic enough, try something else!

Oulu has many Chinese restaurants which mainly offer sweet Canton Chinese food.

You can find three Indian restaurants in the centre of Oulu. The Indian food is very filling, so wait until you are really hungry. The Indian kitchen is rich in spices: cinnamon, cardamom and carnation. The hotness of the food comes from these spices – not from chili pepper.

The basis of the meal consists of different kinds of vegetables, fish, shellfish, chicken and lamb. Grilled chicken “Tikka Korai” is the most ordered portion in Oulu. With the meal they offer rice and chapatti bread.

The Hai Long restaurant chef and owner Liu Wei is preparing the food in the Yongshi kitchen.

Eating with chopsticks

Chinese restaurants are among the oldest of all ethnic restaurants in Oulu. The Chinese restaurants in Finland mostly offer sweet Canton Chinese food. This is made of rice and different kind of sauces. Soy sauce replaces salt and sesame oil brings original texture to the food.

Hai Long restaurant in Oulu has, besides a traditional buffet, a Yongshi kitchen where the chef makes the food in front of your eyes. You can choose vegetables, pork, chicken, beef or shellfish. Then the chef fries the ingredients for you.

There is no Japanese restaurant in Oulu but you can buy sushi from the Tomo Sushi Bar in Kauppahalli. In a way it is an ethnic fast food restaurant because portions are ready-made. Though there is no Mexican restaurant in Oulu, you can have hot texmex food in Amarillo on Rotuaari.

How about a glass of Vodka?

Russian restaurants are common in larger Finnish cities. In Oulu, you will find one, Zakuska , next to the Otto Karhi park. It is the oldest ethnic restaurant in Oulu. The place has a unique atmosphere with Russian furniture and music. Food is heavy but delicious. You can have huge portions made of blins, borsch soup or Russian salmon soup. Of course, the meal is crowned by a glass of vodka!

Greek food offers a lighter choice. It is made from fresh vegetables and cabbage. Also lamb meat, seafood, goat milk, yoghurt, olives, garlic and different herbs make the basis of the food.

Moroccan food is an example of North African food culture. It tastes of lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin. Couscous is the national food of Morocco. Meat, fish or vegetables are added to couscous. And for the dessert you can order some pastries flavoured with almonds and honey.

Got hungry? Just pick your choice from the list!


  • Bei Jing: Rantakatu 5
  • Flavour Palace: Saaristonkatu 5
  • Hai Long: Isokatu 8
  • Royal Garden: Rautatienkatu 8
  • Sheng Long: Hallituskatu 31


  • Indian Cuisine: Kajaaninkatu 38
  • Taste of India: Pakkahuoneenkatu 8
  • New Bombay: Asemakatu 39


  • Pikku Thai: Asemakatu 29


  • Crecian: Kirkkokatu 55
  • Afroditi: Asemakatu 10


  • Marrakech: Kirkkokatu 55


  • Toscana: Hallituskatu 35
  • Sassi, Hallituskatu 1


  • Olimpos: Pakkahuoneenkatu 7
  • Rooma: Otokuja 2


  • Persian Palace: Hallituskatu 19


  • Istanbul Oriental: Kauppurienkatu 11


  • Zakuska: Hallituskatu 13-17


  • Amarillo, Kirkkokatu 15

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