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Additions to the supply of e-resources – publishers are unlocking their resources

Published: 26 March 2020 at 12:46 :: Library Informs

Several publishers have now unlocked their e-resources more extensively due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus. Some publishers have unlocked e-resources to be used freely by anyone, some have unlocked additional resources for existing customers or removed multiple user access restrictions, and some have unlocked publications related only to studies on COVID-19.

A constantly updated list of all unlocked e-resources can be found through the link below. Note that some organizational restrictions apply, and therefore all the resources in the chart are not accessible to all organizations. Don’t hesitate to contact the library by sending an email to (korvaa # -> @) or (korvaa # -> @) and we will answer your questions and guide you forward.

The list of all unlocked e-resources and other concessions can be found here: