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Summer Courses in Oulu UAS

Oulu UAS offers studies also during the summer time (1.5.-31.8.). Summer courses will be published on March.

In addition, you can choose studies from is a year-round digital course offering provided jointly by Finnish universities of applied sciences. Students can select courses from other universities of applied sciences free of charge and include the studies in their degree. Before enrolling, check from your tutor teacher (or head of the degree programme) that the course is suitable for your degree.

The courses are free of charge for degree students and exchange students at universities of applied sciences and for path students at Open UAS.

Autumn 2020
The CampusOnline courses for autumn 2020 will be published on 10 August and the enrolment period begins on 17 August at 8 am. Be quick, as the most popular courses will be filled quickly.

The portal contains basic information on the courses. Each course has a link to the website of the UAS in question, where you can find more specific information on the implementation and enrol on the course.

Oulu UAS students enrol for -courses offered by Oulu UAS in Peppi. The enrolment starts on August 17 at 8:00 am. 

After completing the course, please read instructions from the section  below: “Transferring study attainments between universities of applied sciences and Accreditation of learning”.

For more information: (korvaa # -> @)

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Transferring study attainments between universities of applied sciences and Accreditation of learning

Transcripts of records are delivered electronically via Puro service. Read the instructions carefully and act accordingly.

In the Puro service, higher education students can check and send their study attainments. The information is retrieved from the national data supply of higher education institutions (VIRTA). Check your study attainments in the Puro service and submit them through the service to Oulu UAS.

The instructions on retrieving study attainments in the Puro service are available here.

Oulu UAS will receive your study attainments and send you a document that you can attach to your accreditation of learning application.

Then fill in the accreditation of learning application for the course in Peppi (Accreditation of learning HOT) and add this document as an attachment to your application.

You will find instructions for filling the application here:

More information: (korvaa # -> @)